The Grand Olympic

In every sport there are some places that are sacred. Where you can still see and hear the ghosts of the legends that were once there. Other sports have their Yankee Stadiums, their Fenway Parks, and their Soldier Fields. Places where your grandparents cheered their heroes, and your parents cheered theirs. And where today, you […]

a Young Shogun

Five to Watch

Most wrestlers in SoCal are not household names. Its a simple fact. But to the fans of the SoCal scene names like Super Dragon, Samoa Joe, Frankie Kazarian, B-Boy, and others are the big names in this area. They are the best SoCal has to offer. They are the present superstars of the SoCal wrestling […]

Is Vince Retarded?

Is Vince McMahon retarded? I know, I know, Vince is God, Vince started everything, Hogan, Austin, all Vince’s idea. Yes, Vince indeed gets credit for being the guru of professional wrestling that he is. But is that once great wrestling mind gone? If you can’t tell already, I’m fuming about the heel turn of “Stone […]


I could sit here and write my first column about UPW’s new five day rule, or about how lame’s message board has become, or WWF buying WCW, but all these topics seem beat to death. As opposed to sitting here and giving some lame fucking analysis of a local indy show, or discussing how […]


For those of you that don’t know me (you probably don’t), I am Jason McCord, a referee for Revolution Pro Wrestling in Santa Fe Springs. Some of you have probably seen my “outspoken” posts on, but pretty much censors their whole board. If the moderators see something they don’t like, they will probably […]