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[RESULTS] EWF on October 18th 2014

Empire Wrestling Federation Los Altos High School October 18th 2014 Hacienda Heights, Ca “The Overnight Celebrity” R. J. Ruiz def “The Polish Tyrant” Andre Machievski Tab Jackson def Datura. EWF American Championship: “Sunset Blvd Bad Boy” Richie Slade def Brandon Gatson to become the NEW EWF American Champion Brute Barreto def Wolftanas. EWF Tag Team […]

[RESULTS] AOW in Victorville, Ca on October 18th 2014

AOW Afterburn Gym October 18th 2014 Victorville, Ca “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews def El Hype Afterwards, the crowd showed respect to both stars Andrea the Giant def “The Heartthrob” Evan James Triple Threat Match: LTP def “The Veteran” Rudy Luna & “Golden Heart” Drake Fortune Badd Blood def Matthew Scott “The Anti-Hero” Spectre […]

[RESULTS] AOW Wrestling at the 2nd Annual Health & Wellness Festival October 18th 2014

AOW 2nd Annual Health & Wellness Festival October 18th 2014 North Hollywood, Ca AOW Tag Team Championship: Team Hi Def (Drake Fortune & Steven Andrews) def Seville the Thrill & Ruben Iglesias to retain the championships Triple Threat match: “The Anti-Hero” Spectre def Tommy Celcious & Matthew Scott Jacob “The Riot” Diez def Badd Blood […]

[PRESS RELEASE] 2nd Annual Health & Wellness Festival 2014 featuring AOW Wrestling

North Hollywood, Ca- Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (UCNH) in association with Los Angeles 1st District Council Member Paul Krekorian and 46th District Assembly Member Adrin Nazarin present the 2nd Annual Health & Wellness Festival on Saturday, October 18th 2014 at the North Hollywood Regional Park from 10am-3pm. A family-friendly event that promises […]