Rice & Beans Interviews Kris Wolf

After Rise 8 – Outback, Rice and Beans sat down for long awaited interview with Kris Wolf. This interview was 7 months in the making and originally scheduled for December’s Rise/AWS weekend, but due to Kris’ popularity (and tight schedule),…



Real Talk 31: Uncensored – 18 Years Later

18 years ago, this site was born with the goal of providing a place where pro wrestling fans, wrestlers, promoters, and whoever else could voice their opinions without being silenced. Today, I keep that spirit alive with thoughts on various…

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Looking back at WrestleMania 2

It’s WrestleMania season! With the biggest wrestling event taking place pretty soon, I’m going to take a look at past WrestleMania’s that have taken place in Southern California. First, we begin with WrestleMania 2!

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