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Jay Cal View #104: The Rock Superstar vs. The New Age Punisher

AWS tag team champions Rico Dynamite and Tito Escondido along with Mongol Santino, Famous B, Ruby Raze, Pinky, and Che’ Cabrera infiltrated the ring immediately following the conclusion of the AWS Heavyweight Championship Match featuring B-Boy vs. Johnny Goodtime which saw B-Boy successfully retain his title. With mere seconds to recoup from the hard hitting […]

[Press Release] IWL’s New Era 9 set for September 28th in Monrovia, Ca

INSANE WRESTLING LEAGUE SET TO RETURN IN SEPTEMBER WITH “NEW ERA 9!” MONROVIA, CA- Pro wrestling fans, it has nearly been one year since the insane wrestling league ran their last show. Within that year many questions have arisen such as “When are they coming back?” “What’s the deal with the IWL? Are they on […]

[RESULTS] Knight Shadow Wrestling “Free” Event July 19th 2014

Knight Shadow Wrestling Obergun Park July 19th 2014 Los Angeles, ca Ruben Iglasias over Oso Loco. 6 Man Elimination Match: Seville the Thrill def Bigger Biggz, Mr. Impact, Roadhouse, Val Viper, Ridiculous to win. Seville the Thrill def Roadhouse by DQ after Roadhouse hits 3 Vader bombs continuously getting DQ. Bigger Biggz and Ridiculous def […]