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Holidead interview

I recently approached Holidead about doing an interview for SCU. She graciously obliged and invited me to the Darkside (which *spoiler* is somewhere between Parts Unknown and Cudahy). She wasn’t there, though. Take a look at her schedule and you’ll see that Holidead is a Jetsetter and road warrior. So we decided to do this […]


A Look At Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s 300th Episode with Joey Ryan & Colt Cabana

With the 300th episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood coming up, I had the chance to talk with Joey Ryan and Colt Cabana at last month’s AWS show on their thoughts on the show hitting this milestone. In this short interview we discussed the first episode, if they are surprised it is still going, how it’s […]

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Matthew Riddle interview: Wrestling, MMA, Media Sensationalism, Marijuana, and more!

After Night 3 of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla‘s 2016 Battle of Los Angeles in Reseda, I had the chance to speak with former UFC fighter and current rising indepdent wrestling star Matthew Riddle about various topics such as marijuana, media sensationalism over jokes he’s made, wrestling with Jeff Cobb, transitioning from MMA to pro wrestling, his […]