Ruckus interview

Ruckus interview by Mark Kawada Mark Kawada caught up with CZW star Ruckus after CZW’s junior heavyweight tournament, “Best of the Best”. Ruckus, who is set to make his SoCal debut on June 16th’s EPIC show discussed that, XPW, backyard wrestling, and more. Mark: We’re here with Ruckus on the night of CZW’s second annual “Best of the Best” […]

Lucky interview

Lucky interview by Scrub At UPW Gold Rush, Scrub had the opportunity to sit down and interview Lucky. Lucky talked about how he got into wrestling, his training in various schools, his thoughts on his past gay gimmick and his current Lucky gimmick, balancing a military career with a wrestling career, what he likes and hates bout the SoCal scene, […]

Brawlin’ Bo Cooper interview

Brawlin’ Bo Cooper interview by Steve Brawlin’ Bo Cooper has been around the SoCal wrestling scene for about six years. In this interview he talks about his various gimmicks, “Backyard Dogs”, the EWF/IWC split, Louie Spicolli, and more. Steve: Lets start at the beginning, what got you interested in wrestling, and how did you get started as a wrestler? Brawlin’ […]