SoCal News & Notes 01/15/2019

In today’s SoCal News & Notes we take a look at wrestlers requesting to get out of their Lucha Underground contracts, a WOW Twitter takeover, changes to Baja Stars USA’s anniversary show, NJPW tickets, and more. Click for today’s update.


Rice & Beans Interviews Kris Wolf

After Rise 8 – Outback, Rice and Beans sat down for long awaited interview with Kris Wolf. This interview was 7 months in the making and originally scheduled for December’s Rise/AWS weekend, but due to Kris’ popularity (and tight schedule),…

A Quick Chat With Human Tornado

With Human Tornado announcing his retirement this past weekend, we took a moment to catch up with him. In our quick chat he clarified what is going on, if we will see him again, his biggest accomplishments, and more.