Disco Machine interview

Disco Machine interview by Jason McCord Jason McCord: First off, Disco Machine, thank you for taking the time to sit down to do this interview with me. Disco Machine: My pleasure. McCord: Congratulations on being ranked number five on socaluncensored.com for the month of July. Disco: Wow, I didn’t know that, excellent! McCord: You had a pretty […]

July 2001 Rankings

Matches Rising Son over Super Dragon 14 July            Rev Pro                          20 (4) Super Dragon and Low-Ki draw 28 July            MPW                              19 (1) B-Boy over Rising Son and Excalibur 28 July            MPW                              17 Lost Boys over G.A.Y. 28 July            MPW                              7 Kaos over Supreme 07 July            XPW                                4 Messiah over Sabu […]

El Gallinero interview

El Gaillenero interview by Jason McCord & Mr. Hill  In this interview, Mr. Hill and Jason McCord take turns asking the questions about the man behind the mask in El Gaillenero. He will talk about why he got into wrestling, and will give opinions on certain SoCal indy wrestlers. He will also talk about his relationship with Revolution Pro. […]