Epic Pro Wrestling – 19 August 2023 – Results

Ray Rosas defeated Juicy Finau in a Guerrilla Warfare match in the main event of Epic’s August 19 event in Cudahy, CA. Click for full results from the event.

Epic Pro Wrestling
Better Each Day
August 19, 2023
Bill Greene Sports Complex
Cudahy, CA

Dark Match
Alec Tomas over Loverboy Leo and Red Williams [5’16]

Cam Gates over Michael Hopkins [8’20]

Brooke Havok over Johnnie Robbie [10’15]

Che Cabrera over Eli Everfly [10’10]

The Brothers Divine (Brendan & Danny Divine) over The Unguided (Matt Vandagriff & Damian Drake) [12’44]

Calder McColl over Titus Alexander [14’07]

Royce Isaacs over Jordan Cruz [17’01]

Bad Dude Tito over Kidd Bandit [15’41]

Ray Rosas over Juicy Finau [22’03]

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