West Coast Pro – 10 September 2023 – Results

Titus Alexander and Daniel Garcia went to a time limit draw in the West Coast Pro’s Southern California debut on September 10, 2023. Click for full results.

West Coast Pro
From the West Coast With Love
September 10, 2023
Don Quixote
Los Angeles, CA

West Coast Wrecking Crew (Royce Issacs & Jorel Nelson) over Kevin Blackwood & Alan Angels. [7’23]

Kidd Bandit, Viento, Ishmael Vaughn, & Kubes over Wicked Wickett, Koto Hiro, Dom Kubrick, & Lucas Riley. [10’25]

Kevin Knight over Vinnie Massaro. [12’33]

Robert Martyr, JT Thorn, & Jiah Jewel over Los Suavecitos. [9’47]

Lee Moriarty over Alpha Zo. [12’10]

Starboy Charlie over Shun Skywalker. [13’15]

Bryan Keith over Francisco Akira. [9’38]

Iron Kid over Aramis and Black Taurus. [14’59]

Takumi Iroha over Johnnie Robbie to retain the West Coast Women’s Championship. [14’49]

Titus Alexander vs. Daniel Garcia went to a time limit draw. [30’00].

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