Review of Prime Time LIVE Episode 5

The United Wrestling Network has presented it’s first month of weekly episodic pay-per-views to a mixed reaction. I generally feel there has been far more good than bad. I know the tech issues on the 1st episode really turned a few people off, but since then the show has looked really good. The show has featured three championship matches sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance as well as title matches promoted by UWN broadcasting partners from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, West Coast Pro Wrestling, and Future Stars of Wrestling. Over the course of the four months PrimeTime LIVE has established Chris Dickinson as a superstar, saw a NWA National Heavyweight Championship title change with Trevor Murdoch, and a storyline putting Zicky Dice into a feud with Elijah Burke. Tonight we’re scheduled for a match-up of two former WWE Superstars, the West Coast Pro Wrestling Championship will be on the line, a last minute surprise re-match from NJPW Strong, and a United TV Title defense in the main event.

The Pay-Per-Views just start and we’re getting title screen for Prime Time LIVE. Did I just jinx it? We’re getting audio from the promos, but no video. We’re getting promos from Hammerstone, Steven Tresario, Dom Kubrick, Dan Joseph, Elayna Black, Halston Body and Heather Monroe, Fred Rosser, and Chris Masters. Doesn’t quite have the same affect without being able to see them. Over 3 minutes into the show, there is no video. This doesn’t bode well.

Danny Limelight vs. Clark Connors

What more can you say about this kid. Danny Limelight might just be the hottest commodity in SoCal Wrestling right now. I know there is a wealth of talent in this area, but Limelight has really been putting in the work. Showcased on CWFH, reached the finals of the has had multiple good outings on Prime Time LIVE, a great showing in the Lion’s Break Crown Finals on NJPW Strong, he even makes his debut at Game Changer Wrestling this Saturday, and of course will be back on NJPW Strong taking on Misterioso Jr. This guys has been everywhere as of late and has been putting on a ton of great matches. You have to consider Limelight potentially being voted as a finalist for both Wrestler of the Year and Paul T. Memorial Award. He’s been that good. Connors likewise has just been nearly unstoppable in NJPW Strong. Before landing with Shibata at the LA DOJO, Connors was trained by Storm Academy. Last year is where things really started to click for him where the trio of Coughlin, Fredricks, and Connors were introduced to Ring of Honor. The trio would also be an important part of the New Beginning Tour, while appearing in ROH and touring with NJPW of America. In the summer of 2019, Fredricks and Connors would join the NJPW Roster in Japan and would tour the G1 Climax 2019. The remainder of 2019 would see Connors wrestling n the United States or Japan representing NJPW. Back in June, interrupting the Pandemic Pause, Connors would become a part of the Lion’s Break Collision matches that would air on NJPW World. Wrestling monthly for NJPW and joing the CWFH Roster back in September. This guy much like Karl Fredricks are terrific in ring and will probably be back in Japan when travel restrictions ease. In the meantime, enjoy him while he’ s here. And tonight he and Limelight will square off in a re-match from last episode of NJPW Strong. The video finally connects just as Connors enters the ring. Dude looks like the personification of intensity. I’m wondering if down the road NJPW of America would introduce a Jr. Heavyweight Championship, either of these two guys would be perfect for it. Connors as a product of the Dojo, keeps more fundamentals style of wrestling. There are a lot of similarities between the two, but while Danny is considered “flashy” Connors is anything but. Connors approach is very intense. Limelight reminds me a whole lot of Rocky Romero. He blends a few styles. Limelight’s counter to Connor’s spear with a double stomp was something I hadn’t seen before. And although this match has definitely gone back and forth, Connors has had a way of stealing the advantage with his intensity. This match has been very good, a hallmark of Limelight in 2020. Connors connects with a spear from the stage through the second rope that got a 2 count. Connors keeps looking for that Boston Crap and Limelight finds interesting ways to counter. Connors on the second rope looking to connect with an elevated spear, slips! Limelight connects with a flying knee, goes for a superplex, continues the combo into a fisherman’s buster into a pin that Connors reverses into three.

Winner – Clark Connors walks away from the three, but nobody and I mean nobody on all five episode of Prime Time Live have looked as good in defeat as Danny Limelight. I’m not sure if this match will be nominated for a Match of the Year, but this is exactly the kind of wrestling I’d like to see a lot more of. Limelight is so versatile for this roster, because he can have these kind of matches with Martenson and Connors and then be a part of that tag team Bodega.

Up next is a back stage promo with Fred Rosser. Rosser acknowledges his history with David Marquez. In the past he had worked with the earlier incarnations of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (NWA PRO). He was apart of the Reclaiming the Glory Tournament, so he wrestled “Glamour Boy” Shane for Rising Phoenix Wrestling and lost to Brent Albright at Viva La Lucha. Rosser would go on to work shows with Marquez on the East Coast as part of NWA PRO East. Fred and David are interrupted by Chris Master’s who’s history with Marquez goes back to the UPW days. Then they are interrupted by James Storm. Most of you might remember Storm from his time in Impact Wrestling. But he’s a two time NWA National Champion and currently unrecognized NWA Tag Team Champion with Eli Drake. It should also be noted that Storm isn’t under contract with the NWA so his appearance is a bit of a surprise. Storm asks for a three way match and apparently get its.


One of the brightest spots of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as been Heather Monroe. Between her and Lacey Ryan, they are pushing for the creation of a United Wrestling Network’s Woman’s Championship. Monroe was unsuccessful in her first pay-per-view match at the United Wrestling Network against Kamile. It should be noted that her match with Kamile was really solid and further solidifies her standing in the United Wrestling Network as one of the top talents. Black is just about two years into the business. In a short amount of time she’s made appearances for Black Label Pro, Impact, Shimmer, and many other promotions across the United States. Black in the same vein as Watts of last week will be making her debut for AEW DARK while making her debut for United Wrestling Network. She’s been the talk of being the breakout star of SHIMMER this weekend. This match has been really solid in the first few minutes. These are the kind of matches I want to see week in and week out. Black doesn’t look timid at all She seems more than capable. This match has been all Black until Halston get’s involved and subsequently gives the “Killer Bae” the advantage affording her the opportunity to do the signature move the double stomp through the ropes. Heather gets Black in a Bow and Arrow type move and is seemingly toying with her. Monroe has taken control of this match and hasn’t lost control. Monroe connects with a curb-stomp that I think would make Super Dragon proud. Elayna Black mounts a bit of offense but gets cut off when Monroe goes after the knee. Black is able to lock in her octopus clutch that Monroe counters with a sidewalk slam. Both ladies start to exchange some pretty violent moves. Just as Black gained control of the match, Halston Body distracts her. Monroe connects with a kick to the face and finishes the match off with a Michinoku Driver.

Winner – Heather Monroe. No doubt about it, Monroe is just a really good wrestler. Her maturation process on CWFH has been awesome. What she’s done in the ring in the United Wrestling Network and outside has been stellar. Heather Monroe has slowly become one of the top female wrestling in SoCal and she’s definitely making her cases to be included in whichever direction they go for a United Woman’s Championship.

After that we get a glimpse into last week that shows the Dirty Daddy Chris Dickinson who tells whoever will listen that he’s done with Prime Time Live until they bring in some competition. That he’s the top of the food chain. He faced off against John Moxley over the weekend with Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport and gave the AEW Champion all he could handle. I believe Dickinson will also be apart of GCW this weekend, so perhaps we’ll see him return to PTL next week after all.


Hammerstone was victorious on his debut on Prime Time Live successfully defending his West Coast Pro Wrestling Championship against EJ Sparks. Hammerstone is also the current MLW National Openweight Champion as well as the PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Champion. This will only be Hammerstone’s 4th match since the pause, he made his return to the ring at North Richland Hills, Texas, back in August. Hammerstone has an undeniable look. His opponent tonight is Steve Tresario. to the matchmakers credit, this is legitimately a West Coast Pro Wrestling match. Both of these competitors work regularly for WCPW. Earlier in the year Tresario defeated Keita Murray and Mikey O’Shea in a three way match at CWFH. However that would be Tresario’s last victory in Hollywood. I’m expecting this match up to just be another Hammerstone Showcase. Tresario does look a lot bigger since last time I saw him, but still is dwarfed by Hammerstone. This match is basically a glorified squash match. I like Tresario, but this match isn’t about him. He gets a bit of offense in, but this match is all Hammerstone.Hammerstone has defended the title successfully against JR Kratos, Trey Miguel, Nick Gage, Jorel Nelson and Sparks just a last month. Tresario has finally got something brewing.

Winner – Hammerstone wins. Despiste Tresario’s innovative offense, Hammerstone is just too big, too powerful, and too good. Not much else to say about this match.


I was told that Prime Time Live was looking to showcase some higher profile matches. These three are certainly higher profile. After Rosser competed in the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title Tournament he was signed by Florida Championship Wrestling which would be the prelude to WWE’s NXT. FCW was a developmental promotion. At the height of his success, Rosser teamed with Titus O’Neil as the Prime Time Players, even capturing the WWE Tag Team Champions. His departure from the WWE led handful of matches on the Indies. His 2020 return to the ring was with NJPW Strong as he he teamed with Alex Zayne to defeat Clark Connors and the DKC, but took the loss to PJ Black and Rocky Romero when he teamed with Misterioso Jr. Masters has had a pretty active 2020 despite Covid-19. With 13 matches under his belt in 2020, Masters has wrestled in matches in Denmark, Qatar, Germany, and all over the United States. He defeated Killer Kross in early January for MLW, and scored a victory over Orange Cassidy in Pasadena early in the year. He does have loses against WCWP Champion Hammerstone and MLW Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu. He was also part of the Independent Expo in North Richland Hills, Texas at the same event that Nick Aldis returned to active competition. Masters was a product of the Ultimate University and a former UPW standout (the same promotion that launched John Cena and Samoa Joe). Masters landed at OVW and teamed with Albright to win the OVW Tag Champions. Masters would eventually land in the WWE where he would team with Carlitos. In between independent dates Masters would also wrestle for Impact partnering with Eli Drake. This is Storm’s return to in-ring competition. He was expected to be a part of the NWA’s Crockett Cup 2020 in some capacity, most likely teaming with Eli Drake, but the PPV was canceled amidst the world-wide pandemic. Early on in this match up Rosser and Storm double team Masters. Rosser and Storm look like they could be a tag team. Now he and Storm are squaring off and this looks a lot like a traditional wrestling match as Masters is pacing around outside of the ring. Storm has come with his working shoes. This is off to a fun start. Comically, Masters is on the outside cheering on the match. Just ahead of Storm signalling for the super kick, Masters pulls him out of the ring and now it’s a one-on-one with Rosser. The match has been much about divide and conquer, the third man is on the outside becoming a non-factor. Initially it was Masters, now it is Storm… Masters did an uncomfortably looking arm-drag to render Storm unable to get back into the ring. And occasionally kicks at Storm to keep him out, in between wrestling with Rosser. I’m a bit surprised to see Masters as dominant as he has been. Rosser begins to get some momentum, but is caught by Storm, who connects with a DDT on to the stage, murdering Rosser who is now dead. I’ll try to track down where to send flowers. Signs of life from Rosser, who was trying to keep Storm from moving on towards Masters. And now Masters pick both men apart. Rosser has finally got a second wind. “Mr. No-Days-Off” has been taking it to Storm and Masters. Rosser connects with a seated splash that would make the late Matt Bourne proud. Another lull into the action when Storm manages to throw Rosser to Masters in a side headlock and follows up that with a neck breaker in a very innovative spot, but everyone is a casualty. I’ve really enjoyed “Bulletproof” in the booth, but he’s botched a few names in this match. Accidentally called Rosser– Dosser. And just referred to James Storm as Tim Storm. I’m make mistakes too. Storm going for chin music, blocked by Masters and turns it into the Masterlock. Rosser with the save, attacks Masters, who just kicked him in the groin. The camera man missed the hook kick, so the viewing audience missed the short-cut as much as the referee. Rosser tosses Storm over the top (James Storm sells it like death) and connects with the “Gut-Check” on Masters for the 3 count.

Winner – “No Days Off” Fred Rosser. This match was fun. I typically don’t like three way matches for a lot of the reasons demonstrated in the match. But it was nice to see some guys with relatively big names show on on PTL. Storm was a pleasant surprised and I’m sure he popped a lot of the NWA faithful watching on ppv.

The announcement regarding the United Wrestling Network World Championship isn’t so surprising for long-time CWFH fans. In fact this championship was originally conceptualized eight years ago once Marquez and his affiliated promotions were no longer apart of the NWA. The original belt was designed by All Star Championship Belts. It was a nice enough looking belt was reportedly “stolen” before ending up on a rival program Paragon Pro Wrestling. A new belt was designed over three years ago from Belts by Dan. I’ve seen it, in person a few times at CWFH TV Tapings. Glad they’re finally going to crown that champion.


Another standout from the Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy Kubrick is a standout in the Southern California area having won the 2018 Rookie of the Year award. As previously mentioned the Santino Bros have helped to create many of the breakout stars of the United Wrestling Network including Heather Monroe, Slice Boogie, Raze and more. Kubrick is flamboyant, but technically sound. He has has been a workhorse in the area, but this will be his only second match with the United Wrestling Network, the 1st being back in his rookie season. Dan Joseph first defended the TV Championship on the first episode of Prime Time Live when he wrestled Levi Shapiro with Howdy Price in what felt like what was a rushed match and didn’t have the opportunity to shine. Joseph is a product of the United Wrestling Network training facility, really the only graduate who’s had this kind of impact on the company. Joseph has been on a bit of a winning streak since returning from the pandemic pause and has had victories over EJ Sparks, Slice Boogie, and two wins over Levi Shapiro. Joseph is a lot stronger than you might think, he’s able to toss around Kubrick. Joseph has spent pretty much the past four years working with EWF, MPW, and CWFH. Kubrick Kubrick has been very well travelled in his short time competing for pretty much every promotion in SoCal. He was a stand out from BAR Wrestling, a regular at AWS, Ground Zero, even had an opportunity to compete for Ring of Honor. Kubrick takes control of the match by hitting his unique style off offense. His springboard from the second rope into a swinging cutter was deadly. Joseph has been selling like a legend. The neck and back and this match has really been all about Kubrick and his innovative offense. I know it takes two to tango, so DJ is really making Kubrick look like a star. Kubrick’s offense has basically become a new way to put anguish on Joseph’s next. The Champion looks to be peril. It seems any momentum that Joseph gets, Kubrick finds away to minimize it. Joseph charges Kubrick, Kubrick counters into in an in-adverted atomic drop. Out-of-nowhere, Joseph connects with a 2nd rope clothesline and has some momentum. Still grabbing his neck, Joseph avoids a change from Kubrick, connects with a 2nd clothesline, and connects with a fisherman suplex, he couldn’t hold the cradle and still is selling that injured neck. Joseph goes for a powerslam, but Kubrick counters and ends up hitting his “Dom-Buster” a spring board buster. Joseph can’t mount any offense in this match. Kubrick has been dominant. Dan connects with a lung-blower/backstabber, but can’t get the three count. Kubrick connects with a butterfly, spinning driver. I’m not sure I’ve seen that before. Still can’t get a three count, Kubrick mounts the top rope and Joseph caught him. Neither can get the advantage on the rope, Joseph goes for a suplex that Kubrick is able to get out of, Kubrick tries for a powerbomb, no such luck. As Joseph is trying to free himself, Kubrick connects with a leaping side Russian leg sweep. Conditioning in this match is definitely being tested. Kubrick goes for a twisting senton, but doesn’t connect much and it’s only good for 2. Dom Kubrick locks in a dragon sleeper, Joseph powers into the standing position with Kubrick again, finding a way out. Locks in that sleeper even tighter. Joseph has no place to go, gets to the rope. Joseph looks like a beaten man, but won’t stay down. Joseph re-enters the ring and connects with a belly to back suplex that ends the match. WOW! That was pretty intense.

Winner – Dan Joseph retains his title. I wasn’t super familiar with Kubrick before this match. I am now. That dude is a star. And in all honesty, he dominated this match. Joseph got the victory, but made Kubrick look like a legend in the making. Hoping to see more from both very soon.

Next week on PTL; they will be announcing the brackets for the World Title Tournament, the Main Event will feature the NWA TV Title is on the line when “Outlandish” Zicky Dice defends against “Da Pope” Elijah Burke. All of these matches can be ordered via pay-per-view on DirecTV, OnDemand, or FITE. As an added note, ahead of each and every Prime Time LIVE pay-per-view, do a pre-show on YouTube/Twitch called the Preparty with Jay Cal. Each week I profile the upcoming ppv and talk about the news and information surrounding the United Wrestling Network and the National Wrestling Alliance. If you’d like to join the podcast, we go live at 2PM, but you can really watch at anytime.