VWE – 19 November 2022 – Results

VWE held their latest event, Nothing 2 Lose, on November 19 in Stanton, CA. Click for full results from the event.

Venue Wrestling Entertainment
Nothing 2 Lose
November 19, 2022
Stanton, CA

El Tequilero over Loco to retain the VWE Heavyweight Championship.

Che Cabrera over Mike Cheq to retain the Santino Bros. Heavyweight Championship.

Vito Fratelli & Vega over Some Dude Chillin & Bodi Young Prodigy to retain the VWE Tag Team Championship.

Danny Limelight over Sandra Moone to retain the VWE SoCal Championship.

Bad Dude Tito over Matt Vandagriff.

Eddie Vice over J2 Mattioli.

Jacob Axton & Freddy Havoc over Moizilla & Bogus the Clown.

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