VWE – 05 March 2022 – Results

At VWE’s March Mayhem on Match 5, Mike Cheq cashed in his ultimate opportunity to defeat Angel Vega and become the new VWE champion after Vega had just faced Killer Kross in the show’s main event. Click for full results.

Venue Wrestling Entertainment
March Mayhem
March 5, 2022
Stanton, CA

Freddy Havoc over Hugo Price.

Eddie Vice over Kid Sphinx.

Mike Cheq over Vito Fratelli and El Tequilero to earn an Ultimate Opportunity.

Zyra & Jonnie Robbie over Susie & Alice Blair.

Lil’ Cholo over Ray Rosas.

Killer Kross over Angel Vega in a non-title match.

Mike Cheq over Angel Vega to win the VWe Championship.

Notes: Jacob Fatu was unable to compete due to a family emergency.

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