VWE – 18 June 2021 – Results

Amazing Jr won the VWE Cup Tournament on VWE’s June 18 event in Stanton. Click for full results.

Venue Wrestling Entertainment
June 18, 2021
De La O Jiu Jitsu
Stanton, CA

Amazing Jr over Jack Cartwheel to advance in the VWE Cup Tournament.

Eddie Vice over Mike Cheq to advance in the VWE Cup Tournament.

Mariachi Loco and Chris Nastyy ends in a no contest.

Lil Cholo over Gran Tahona.

7 Man Guantlet Match for the VWE Lightning Championship
Vito Fratelli over Kid Spinx
Vito Vito Fratelli over Bovi
Freddy Havoc over Vito Fratelli
Alexander Vega over Freddy
Gran Tahona over Alexander Vega to become the new VWE Lightning Champion.

Kitana Vera retains the VWE Women’s Championship over Gin Sevani.

Amazing Jr over Eddie Vice and Lil Cholo to win the VWE Cup Tournament!

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