VWE – 14 January 2023 – Results

Juicy Finau defeated El Tequilero to win the VWE Championship in the main event of VWE’s January 14 event in Orange County. Click for full results.

Venue Wrestling Entertainment
Dangerous Games
January 14, 2023
Stanton, CA

J-Rod over Auntie Hydie

Juicy Finau over Alec Tomas, Ricky Reyes, Brendan Divine & Mike Cheq

Moizilla over Chubby Depp & Eddie Vice to win the VWE International Championship.

Vito Fratelli & Angel Vega over Che Cabrera & Rico Dynamite to retain the VWE Championship.

Jack Cartwheel over Keepin It Loco

And STILL VWE Women’s Champion Zyra over Lady Pink

Juicy Finau over El Tequilero to win the VWE Championship.

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