Maverick Pro Announces Venue Change for Heatwave 2018 on June 23

Maverick Pro has been forced to move their June 23, 2018 Heatwave 2018 show that was scheduled to take place at CML Studios in Glendale, CA due to the city’s ban on professional wrestling. They will now be holding their event at X-Pole Warehouse in North Hollywood, CA.

The City of Glendale has had a ban on professional wrestling, along with other combat sports, in place since 1947. After the end of World War II, church and PTA groups in the city felt boxing and wrestling weren’t wholesome and petitioned the Glendale city council to institute a ban on any type of professional fighting. That led to Glendale Municipal Code 5.32.020. The ban on boxing was lifted in 2010 when boxing coach Edmond Tarverdyan successfully petitioned then-mayor Frank Quintero to overturn the ordinance; however MMA was added to the list of banned sports.

Despite the ban, there have been pro-wrestling events in Glendale, most notably Championship Wrestling from Hollywood regularly held their tapings at Glendale Studios from 2011 to 2013.  The city likely had no idea they were holding events there, so they were able to get away with it. After the ban was mentioned on our News & Notes column on May 17, 2018, someone contacted the city and reported the show. City inspectors showed up at CML Studios on May 25, 2018 and informed the studios that the show would not be allowed to be held there.

After being notified the show would not be able to be held at CML Studios, Maverick Pro began looking for a new venue for the event. They felt the Burbank Moose Lodge, where they have held their last several shows, would be too small based on advance ticket sales and the expected crowd with the ECW legends they are bringing in for the event. After checking out several venues in the area, they decided on X-Pole Warehouse in North Hollywood. The show will actually be located in a separate building than the actual fitness pole warehouse, which we’ve been told is more like a studio.

Maverick Pro released the following statement:

Unfortunately, Maverick Pro was informed by the city of Glendale that the scheduled event at the CML studios could not take place due to city legislation. But we at Maverick Pro would like to announce our new venue at the X-Pole USA Warehouse in North Hollywood, CA. Maverick Pro would like to apologize to our talent & fans if this was an inconvenience to you but with your outstanding support, Maverick Pro will make Heatwave 2018 a night you won’t forget.

There have been no other changes to Maverick Pro’s Heatwave 2018 lineup that includes Justin Credible, Little Guido, Raven, Sabu, Shane Douglas, Super Crazy, Chris Bey, Rachael Ellering, DoomFly, Taya Valkyrie,  and more.

X-Pole Warehouse is located at 12721 Saticoy St S in North Hollywood, CA. Tickets for the event are on sale now, though VIP and front row tickets have sold out.

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