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Steve’s View #106

For those who don’t know, XPW has canceled all of it’s upcoming shows, lost it’s TV in LA (and according to one source Pittsburgh, but that isn’t independently verified) and their parent company Extreme Associates was raided by federal authorities, for what is believed to be shipping what would be considered obscene materials into Pittsburgh, […]

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Shelly Martinez Interview

In a little over a year, Desire has made a transition from model and actress, to one of the hottest commodities in the Southern California Indy scene. Some may argue that point but in the last three months Desire has gained notoriety working for UPW, WPW, CWA, shows in Arizona and was featured on TLC special Professional Wrestling: Tricks of […]

Lucky interview

Lucky interview by Scrub At UPW Gold Rush, Scrub had the opportunity to sit down and interview Lucky. Lucky talked about how he got into wrestling, his training in various schools, his thoughts on his past gay gimmick and his current Lucky gimmick, balancing a military career with a wrestling career, what he likes and hates bout the SoCal scene, […]