Scorpio Sky earns first victory in MMA

Scorpio Sky can proudly scratch competing in a Mixed Martial-Arts Match off his bucket list. In the third round of his first MMA Fight, the reigning NWA Hollywood International Television Champion defeated his opponent via a TKO during Sky’s Ground and Pound. Sky said “It was a great experience and I plan to do more for sure!” Sky also wanted to thank “Saul, Liron, and everybody over at Millennia.”

Outside the cage with Saul after winning his first MMA fight! 8/28/11

Sky isn’t the first wrestler to do MMA. He isn’t even the first wrestler to do MMA in SoCal. Considering Aaron Aguilera’s fight against Butterbean, K-1 Appearances for Tom Howard and Sylvester Terkay, and Tommy “Kome” Williams. There is also speculation that TJ Perkins might be working a few MMA fights in the up-coming weeks.

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