SCU Roundtable Discussion – October 2002

Scrub: Me and Steve have been thinking about doing a SoCal Roundtable discussion since May of this year. We just never got around to taking on this project due to conflicting schedules. Finally, all our schedules are in place (sorta), and we proudly bring to you our unrehearsed bastardized version of the SoCal UNCENSORED Roundtable. I’d like to thank Supa Badd for taking the time to join us in this discussion.
Supa Badd: Pleasure to be here.

Ultimo Dragon in EPIC

Scrub: Alright, let’s get started. What’s everyone’s take on Ultimo Dragon in EPIC? I think this is the biggest thing to happen in EPIC’s short history.
Steve: I agree with that. It should definitely get EPIC and some of its wrestlers some Japanese exposure, and maybe add some extra fans and tape sales, if they can ever get tapes out. Ultimo Dragon is a media darling with the Japanese wrestling press.
Supa Badd: I agree.
Scrub: But I do question the match quality though, since this is just an exhibition.
Supa Badd: I’d like to see him wrestle the Fallen Angel on that night.
Scrub: That would be a good match Mr. Badd. But I think EPIC will either run with Sabu or Super Dragon, just based on the fact that those are the two guys EPIC pushes pretty hard. Plus, considering the fact that EPIC only brought in Daniels for their first two shows.
Steve: My gut tells me Sabu.
Supa Badd: My gut tells me Super Dragon.
Scrub: If it does end up being Sabu, it’ll look like just another Sabu match. You can plug in any guy to wrestle Sabu, and it’ll be pretty much the same match. So why waste Ultimo Dragon’s services? That match would be high profile though.
Steve: The match itself won’t matter as much as Ultimo being there, because the point is Ultimo being there, not who he faces. The hype is for his first US match in over 4 years, and the fact he’s even wrestling at all.
Scrub: Yep. It’s a pretty big comeback. But, we sure wouldn’t want him to face Demento or Kyle K, now would we? A quality opponent is required at least.
Supa Badd: I love Demento
Scrub: I wasn’t trying to bash Demento. Nobody does a better Naniwa splash. Well, maybe Naniwa does. I was just comparing him to guys we have previously mentioned (Daniels, Sabu, Super Dragon)
Supa Badd: But damn it, it should be Chris Daniels!
Scrub: Daniels vs. Ultimo would be really good, but I highly doubt that’s gonna happen.
Supa Badd: All I’m saying, is this could be a make or break show for EPIC.
Steve: I agree 100% with Supa Badd
Steve: EPIC needs to find a way to cut the cash flow and they need to take advantage of this show.
Scrub: I just hope fans aren’t coming into this show expecting a 5 star Ultimo Dragon match.
Supa Badd: Tell that to Highrollar.
Scrub: Because I remember the time I hyped up the ARSION girls pretty hard for their SoCal debuts, saying that they could outwork most guys. And then after the J, some people started questioning me, thinking I was lying, because those girls didn’t kill each other in front of 200 casual SoCal fans. Expect an exhibition, not a 5 star classic.
Steve: I heard Ultimo’s return match was pretty decent.
Scrub: That’s what I heard too. You think this is just the beginning of an EPIC/Toryumon partnership? Or a possible talent exchange? Or even the chance to let SoCal guys train in a Toryumon gym? Would you want to train in a Toryumon gym, Supa Badd? Or does that not suit your fancy?
Supa Badd: Not my fancy, but I’d train there just to say I did.
Steve: I doubt anyone will train at the gym.
Scrub: I think a talent exchange would be rad though. Seeing Toryumon and T2P guys in a SoCal ring… WHOOOOOOOOOOO!
Scrub: Switching gears now……

Home of the Brave II

Scrub: UPW’s next show looks really good, and I’m just basing that on the fly-ins.
Steve: Yeah, the additions of Masato Tanaka and Shinjiro Ohtani are huge.
Scrub: Tanaka is really over with the ECW crowd. I dunno if the casual Indy fan is familiar with Ohtani.
Scrub: Plus, Samoa Joe vs. the King of Old School, Steve Corino
Supa Badd: Joe vs. Corino will be good.
Scrub: Yep, I agree. They’re pretty familiar with each other too, which is a plus
Steve: Then again, the last UPW Galaxy show looked like it was going to be really good, and was big letdown.
Scrub: Are they still doing the trios tourney?
Supa Badd: Yes.
Steve: And a woman’s Royal Rumble.
Scrub: And SPANKY!
Steve: I actually like the addition of the women’s division, because it’s something no one else in SoCal is doing.
Supa Badd: I’m looking forward to the Rookie of the Year, Shaolin Punk.
Scrub: I’ve heard good things about Shaolin Punk. Looks like I’ll get the chance to see him on the grand stage at the Galaxy. Are there enough women in SoCal to start up a division though? Enough GOOD women?
Supa Badd: Not really. But it looks good to the WWF. That’s who they’re trying to impress.
Scrub: True.
Steve: Yeah. WWE is really scouting women lately.
Scrub: Are there any bands on tap for this show?
Supa Badd: Yes, more crappy bands.
Scrub: Guuuuuureat
Steve: I imagine EWF’s Desire could possibly get picked up when WWE scouts SoCal in January.
Supa Badd: She’s a hottie.
Scrub: She’s the only draw for me to attend an EWF show.
Supa Badd: Same here.
Scrub: But I dunno if even that’s enough for me to make the drive.
Supa Badd: It’s not.
Scrub: If the WWE is actually looking for talented wrestlers, they should pick up APW’s Nikki or Cheerleader Melissa.
Steve: UPW is using a lot of former WOW girls.
Scrub: I honestly have never watched a full episode of WOW.
Steve: Mike Awesome was released by the WWE. UPW should try to get him to face Tanaka at the show.
Scrub: That would be bananas. Freaking bananas.
Supa Badd: Good idea
Scrub: And Awesome could set up a table near all the dinner tables, and just chuck Tanaka like a rag doll.
Supa Badd: I was at Heat Wave 98. That match was great in person
Scrub: You flew out for that, or drove?
Supa Badd: Flew. I was a huge mark.
Scrub: I loved ECW. OK, I think we’re getting sidetracked here…

Pride of the Mask II

Scrub: Pride of the Mask II is another show coming up. It’s supposed to be one of Rev Pro’s bigger shows. The format for the actual pride of the mask match is pretty cool. But I can only see two guys unmasking that night.
Steve: It has a good lineup, but what makes it bigger than Rev Pro’s other Wednesday shows?
Supa Badd: What’s the Pride of the Mask II format?
Steve: It’s a tag match, where the winning tag team faces each other in the main event. The loser gets unmasked. The winner gets $1,000.
Scrub: *laughs* “$1,000”
Supa Badd: So in other words, it’s either the chicken or Shogun losing their mask
Scrub: Pretty much. There’s no way TARO or Dragon will unmask. It’s rather vital to their respective gimmicks. I think it’s too soon for Gallinero to ditch the gimmick. Maybe Shogun will unmask and focus on a comedy gimmick with a comedy look. Aside from that match, it looks like just another Rev Pro show. Even though it’s supposed to be special, it really doesn’t seem special.
Supa Badd: [Shogun] doesn’t seem too into [wrestling] anymore.
Scrub: Yea. So chances are Shogun’s unmasking, and maybe even retiring, so to speak?
Supa Badd: I think so.
Supa Badd: I like the old Shogun better anyway. Before he started talking on the mic all the time.
Scrub: Who knows if we’ll ever see that Shogun again. You either get the serious wrestling version, or the hilarious comedy version.
Supa Badd: I liked it when he was supposed to be from Japan.
Scrub: *laughs*, supposed to? You mean he’s not from Japan?
Steve: Rev Pro having their shows on a Wednesday night in a bad area for traffic hurts their attendance in my opinion.
Scrub: Well, to sum things up, looks like just another run of the mill Rev Pro show, with Shogun unmasking…
Supa Badd: No Excalibur either.
Scrub: Oh yea, no Excalibur. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Steve: I think it will be Gallinero. Since they already have a new Gallinero.
Scrub: There’s a new Gallinero already?
Steve: Yeah
Scrub: Supa Badd, what’s your take on Gallinero Tres, in and out of the ring? I mean, you did tag up with him at AWS.
Supa Badd: I think he’s great. And as far as I know, he’s still suppose to be my partner in the AWS Tag Tournament.

SoCal Rookie of the Year Candidates

Scrub: Gallinero Tres is fun to watch… and he’s only in his rookie year. I’d say one of the frontrunners for SoCal Rookie of the Year (Bobby Quance being my US ROTY). Earlier, Supa Badd said Shaolin Punk is his ROTY, who’s yours Steve?
Supa Badd: I can’t count him as a rookie.
Steve: Shawn Riddick or El Gallinero Tres. Shaolin Punk debuted after August 1st. So while he may be nominated in 2002, he has a better chance in 2003.
Supa Badd: Shawn is my # 2 pick
Scrub: I haven’t seen enough Shawn Riddick singles matches to garner an opinion. But I’ll take your word for it. He looks good in tags considering his rookie status.
Steve: Skulu the Samoan Savage is another guy who is underrated.
Supa Badd: The Real World guy, “The Miz”, is getting good also. I think Shaolin Punk will be working Zero-One in 2003.
Scrub: Dang, everyone and their Momma can get into Zero-One these days. How high on your list is Skulu, Steve?
Steve: 3 or 4. It changes every show.
Supa Badd: Skulu is good also.
Scrub: As of now, Gallinero Tres is my SoCal Rookie of the Year. He has so much raw talent and ability. His performance with Super Dragon at the Rev J was great. Tthat top rope rana was nuts, because he leapt from the ground to the top, into the rana, all in one fluid motion. Quite an amazing athletic feat.
Supa Badd: He’s the only Rev Pro rookie I’m impressed with.
Scrub: I think Lil Nate is still a ROTY contender too. If you look past the comedy with Nate, he can wrestle. I noticed this during “When Worlds Collide II”. He was part of a really good 4-way with Spanky, Silver Tiger and I believe Shannon Ballard.
Steve: Rookie of the Year will be close this year. Pinoy Boy ran away with it last year.
Supa Badd: Samoa Joe was the best rookie.
Scrub: Joe has improved so much.

Shoot Style

Supa Badd: Whats your guys take on that whole shoot style of wrestling?
Scrub: Well, I’m not a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).
Steve: I like strong style, but not worked shoots.
Scrub: Yea, I’m with Steve.
Supa Badd: The shoot style is boring to me. I’ll watch UFC for shoot fights.
Steve: Yeah. I’m glad Zero-One has moved away from that, so therefore. UPW did too.
Scrub: Worked shoots is such a lame premise in pro wrestling. If you put a worked shoot next to a wrestling match, the promoter is basically calling his wrestling matches fake.

Spanky in the WWE

Scrub: Spanky will be at the next UPW show as well. This will be his last SoCal match, before he ventures off into the WWE. Questions, comments, concerns?
Steve: I hope the WWE doesn’t change his gimmick too much.
Scrub: I’m really happy for Spanky.
Supa Badd: Spanky is the greatest. I’m glad he made it to the WWE.
Scrub: That’d be rad if the WWE paired Spanky off with Kurt Angle. Like Angle’s little sidekick, or something. They both are excellent with their promos. I can see Angle and Spanky meshing rather well. Then maybe after that, they could feud with each other, which would be a good series of bouts.
Steve: I think it’s a good sign that the WWE is going after more smaller guys with Spanky and Little Guido.
Supa Badd: I’m glad [John] Cena is a heel now on Smack Down.
Scrub: He’s a heel now?
Supa Badd: Yeah. He blamed Kidman for the loss to Benoit and Angle. Don’t you watch WWE?
Scrub: I try to.
Steve: I watched Raw, but missed the good WWE show.
Scrub: Yea, apparently, Smack Down’s the better show.
Supa Badd: Raw blew Wheaties, but Smack Down is really good.
Scrub: This Kane/murderer angle is god awful. Once that was on my TV, I just turned it off.

Call it a Night

Scrub: Well, a lot going in SoCal within the next couple a months. I think it’s about time we wrapped it up and call it a night. I’d like to thank Supa Badd for being a guest on our panel. Thanks for being a part of our inaugural Roundtable.
Supa Badd: Thanks for having me.
Scrub: Any last words Mr. Badd? The floor is yours.
Steve: I too would like people to cheer for Joey Ryan at EPIC.
Scrub: Yea, cheer for the cheater!
Supa Badd: He didn’t cheat!
Scrub: DID TOO! And Scott Lost is going places with his woman. Take that Joey Ryan!
Supa Badd: I’m telling on you guys!
Scrub: We’ll try to bring you a new Roundtable every month, complete with new topics and new panelists, consisting of both fans and wrestlers. Second batch of “Support Indy Wrestling” stickers version 2.0 are coming soon! If you purchased these stickers the first time they were around, you should feel special. You got yourself a collector’s item!