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In a little over a year, Desire has made a transition from model and actress, to one of the hottest commodities in the Southern California Indy scene. Some may argue that point but in the last three months Desire has gained notoriety working for UPW, WPW, CWA, shows in Arizona and was featured on TLC special Professional Wrestling: Tricks of the Trade. She gained most of her wrestling fame as the manager of Threat, The American Nightmare and later as his tag team partner. In this interview we discuss her start in the business, her aspirations, and what will be coming next from this future star.

Jay Cal: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me Desire. Lets get this interview started; you certainly have a different story of breaking into the business. Could you tell us what was your motivation was getting into wrestling and how you finally broke into the business?

Desire: Well ever since I was a little girl, I used to watch wrestling all the time. I was a hardcore daddy’s girl. One day my dad asked me, what I wanted to be when I grew up and I told him a wrestler. He told me that if I wanted to be a wrestler, then I could [be a wrestler.] As I got older I didn’t know how to become a wrestler so I thought if I started modeling I would eventually find out. Every modeling job I got I would talk to everyone and anyone that would listen about my love for wrestling, hoping that [someone] would know how to direct me.  During this time my dad past away due to a car accident, which destroyed me. I then turned that negative into a positive and remembered his words of “if you want to be a wrestler then you will be,” [it drove me to be more] dedicated to finding a way. Then I got a casting call for a movie called Backyard Dogs, which I do not advise anyone to watch, or at least fast-forward to the part I am in. Anyhow, that is where I met Mikey Henderson and Moses Grimms along with Jesse Hernandez. I told them of my dream and they invited me to come down to the school, I was so

Jay Cal: Your training was well documented on the TLC special Professional Wrestling: Tricks of the Trade. Like you said, you started at The School of Hard Knocks with EWF and Jesse Hernandez. Who was the person that was the most responsible in you’re your training? Could you describe your wrestling style? Which style of wrestling would you like to emulate?

Desire: Well I have had some great workers actually take their time with me at the school. The Cubans, Iceman, and Eric Matlock personally trained me; all these guys are great workers and trained me well. Eric Matlock has taken the most time with me due to the Cubans and Ice leaving to train at the dojo.  Right now, Matlock has been training me in shoot style wrestling and chain wrestling. Hopefully next week I will begin my new training in the ring and my goal is to become a more self-sufficient wrestler and a high flyer. I have found lately that in my matches with girls I haven’t been wrestling to my potential and I think part of that is because I am use to guys like Devon Willis and Eric Matlock help making my look good in the ring. I need to be able to get in that ring with anybody and carry the match just as strong as when I am in the ring with experienced workers that carry the matches.

Jay Cal: Wrestlers often admit that their gimmick is actually them, with the volume turned way up. However, you rebel against that the norm when you stated on the TLC special that Desire is actually the complete opposite of you. Where did the Desire gimmick come from and do you find it difficult to play a character that is not you?

Desire: I think that came out wrong. Desire is in me deep inside of me. Because of various things that happened in my life, I have some bitterness in me. When I am in the squared circle Shelly is gone and Desire is in. The part of me that I never let come out comes out. May I add one more thing? My name has officially changed… Halloween Barbie.

Jay Cal: Halloween Barbie… is that specifically for UPW or is that for all of your promotions? What prompted the change?

Halloween Barbie: Well Desire is now being used in TNA. And everyone knows Desire from EWF. Now that I am no longer a part of EWF, I thought I would change my name to what the fans have nicknamed me in Covina. It’s a name that some of my fans have given me so I thought it would be a great way of thanking my fans for their support.

Jay Cal: Growing up, which wrestlers gave you the greatest motivation to begin training in wrestling? Who did you idolize most growing up? Who are your role models currently in the business?

Halloween Barbie: That is a good one; I always loved Owen Hart, Ric Flair, of course Hulk Hogan, and The Ultimate Warrior. Right now my goal is to become a female version of Rey Mysterio Jr.

Jay Cal: Some comments posted on the So CalUncensored board have alluded to Empire Wrestling Federation, cleaning out the troublemakers in EWF. How do you feel about these comments? Also, how would you describe your earlier days training at the School of Hard Knocks and how would you describe your final days before leaving?

Halloween Barbie: Well if they are trying to include me in their “spring cleaning” then I feel that they are misleading everyone. I left on MY OWN, along with Matlock. When I have read some of the post, I feel as though they may be referring to me, but I can be wrong. I hope they are not trying to say they let me go because that would be a lie and I feel that would be trashing my name around. I do not trash EWF.  I am grateful for my start at EWF and will always be grateful for all the training and experience I gained from EWF. When I started, I didn’t know anything about wrestling. I entered
the school, with no true understanding of the business.  Now I understand a hell of a lot more of this biz than before. I was always loyal to EWF and despite what a person said on the message boards I did have a good attitude towards the biz; more so now than ever. It was just time to move on. Jesse informed me himself once, when I told him that another worker had told me Jesse was trying to hold us back, that is why he would hold us back. He didn’t want us there forever. Jesse wanted us to move on to bigger and better thing, we just got our start there.

Jay Cal: A lot of attention has been given to the girls of APW. What do you think of your counterparts; Nikki and Melissa? How do you feel about the attention that is given to them? Would you like to attempt to train their style or are you content with the American style you have been trained in?

Halloween Barbie: I would love to learn different style and then take from every style and make my own style. I think both girls are great and I enjoyed working with them I just hope that I can work with them again and have a better match.

Jay Cal: You competed in the UPW Woman’s Battle Royal to help determine a woman’s champion. You were in the ring with a talented group of ladies. I know you didn’t get very much ring time, but how would you rate this opportunity?  Could you compare the differences between UPW’s locker room and EWF’s locker room?

Halloween Barbie: I enjoyed my time at UPW everyone was very nice. You’re right the time in the ring I had was short but I was on fire that night. I was pleased with the results

Jay Cal: In that Battle Royal you had the opportunity to be seen by WWE Talent Scout, Tom Pritchard. It’s not the first time you’ve had the opportunity to showcase for the WWE, as you were also at the Casting Call for Tough Enough II. Assuming that the WWE is the ultimate pinnacle in a wrestling career, what other goals do you have that you’d like to accomplish? Do you have goals of competing in Japan?

Halloween Barbie: Well my first time being seen by Pritchard was at an EWF show in Bakersfield. My goal is to one day be in the WWE, but I would also like to travel and go to Japan. Right now I am just trying to get my body where it needs to be and train to be the wrestler I need to be. I also have an interest in being a part of TNA as well.

Jay Cal: On July 19th 2002, along with Threat, you captured the EWF Tag Team Champions in a Battle Royal. You were the first woman’s competitor in EWF to be a champion. How did it feel to win your first championship, considering it was in a male division?

Halloween Barbie: I know that some of the workers complained that they had to “job to a girl” and wouldn’t sell. I just wanted to be taken seriously. I didn’t want to be known as the girl but just as another worker.  In-fact, I think it caused a lot of heat [for us.] I was actually glad to drop the straps when we did.

Jay Cal: A lot of your past work was with EWF. Lately you have been wrestling in UPW, WPW, and CWA and have had shows in Arizona. Who have been your favorite wrestlers to work with?

Halloween Barbie: Well I feel that my best matches were with PHAT. I also had an awesome match with Matlock and Under Pressure. I like very solid matches; Devon Willis and Eric Matlock are very solid workers, I enjoy that type of match.  Melissa and Nikki worked very solid too and I was very pleased that they do work that way. Some gals will tend to say I work to stiff, but I feel that I personally have better matches when they are stiff or like I call them, solid.

Jay Cal: Who would you like to work with, you haven’t yet?

Halloween Barbie: [My dream match] would be to tag with Victoria against Trish Stratus and Lita! Wouldn’t you like to see that match? I would like to have a match against Melissa again or maybe Luscious Lucy.

Jay Cal: Tell us about your involvement in United World Wrestling and

Halloween Barbie: I will be a part of UWW.  I just want to get one thing straight about this being another 5 Star wrestling promotion. I personally have seen all the permits, licenses, and legal documents that UWW has acquired. I do not think this is another 5Star Promotion. Right now I am just their first “Diva.” They are going to be building a women’s division [that I will participate in.]

Jay Cal: They want to release a Halloween Barbie, Diva DVD.

Halloween Barbie: Yeah that is their plans.

Jay Cal: Finally I’d like to borrow a question Steve’s asked in the past. How do you feel about the Southern California wrestling scene and how would you compare it to the other scenes out there?

Halloween Barbie: Well, I appreciate the experience and work I have gained from So-Cal Wrestling. I am a So-Cal gal though and through, but I want to be in the East Coast. [I feel] wrestling is taken very serious. Not to say the So-Cal scene doesn’t, but I am sure it is a different world in wrestling east coast style.

Jay Cal: Is there any final comments you’d like to make to the fans out there reading this?

Halloween Barbie: I just want to thank everyone that has supported me. I know that I am not the world’s greatest wrestler and that I have a lot to learn but it is nice to know that there are people out there that are rooting for you. When I see people trying to trash me on the net and it makes me smile to know that some are sticking up for me. For the record, I do not want trouble with anyone. I know there are a lot of rumors out there going around about me and I know where they are coming from but as I choose not to trash them by name on the internet, I wish that they would respect that I am keeping my mouth shut and they should keep theirs shut.  I am not about being catty and trying to get someone back, I just want to wrestle damn it!

Jay Cal: Once gain Des—Halloween Barbie, I appreciate your time in allowing me to interview you and I wish you the best of luck on your up coming bookings. Best of luck to you this year!