Real Talk 2: The After School Special Episode

Lucha VaVoom will be running two events at the Mayan in Downtown Los Angeles with Dragon Lee from CMLL and Matt Classic, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla will be running in Reseda on Friday. I pissed a bunch of people off, thus showing that there are still a bunch of crybabies in the scene. I watched Tammy Sytch’s acting debut. Youtube links. Random Match Of The Week. And all sorts of shit.

Lucha VaVoom’s Crazy In Love at the Mayan this week

This week, Lucha VaVoom will be running two events at The Mayan in Downtown LA on Wednesday & Thursday nights, with the Thursday event already being sold out. I’ve never been able to make it out to a Lucha VaVoom show, but from the stories I’ve heard it’s a completely different experience from your usual wrestling/Lucha Libre event as it is more of an entertainment variety show. I’d love to check out one of their events someday as I’ve heard nothing but high praise for the spectacle they put on. Burlesque dancers, stand up comedy, and all sorts of crazy shit goes on at these shows. Oh yeah, there’s wrestling too. Specifically Lucha Libre.

For these next shows, Lucha VaVoom is bringing in Dragon Lee & Rey Escorpion from CMLL in Mexico. Also on these shows, Matt Classic (who reminds me of Colt Cabana for some reason *dur hur kayfabe bro*) & Mini-Matt Classic, Joey Ryan, and a few other familiar names and faces under different masks and gimmicks. For more information, visit Lucha VaVoom’s website for more information.

PWG’s Bowie takes place in Reseda on Friday

On Friday night, PWG is also running a show with some international talent as they present “Bowie” at the American Legion Post 308 in Reseda. The show sold out in minutes, like PWG events usually do now, so unless you’ve got a hook up or know a scalper, you’re gonna have to wait for their to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray. The main event is will feature Roderick Strong defending the PWG World Championship against Drew Galloway, and in the semi-main event Zack Sabre Jr. (who might be the best wrestler in the world) takes on Trevor Lee. One match that I think will be the sleeper match of the night is Mike Bailey vs. Evil (Player) Uno. After this show, PWG will be having a double shot in March that will also end up selling out in minutes. Strong and Galloway have faced off before in EVOLVE, and if you haven’t seen their match that’s on Youtube, check it out.


Getting more heat than every heel in SoCal: A response to the hypocritical criticisms about my writing

Recently I caught a lot of shit for my review of recent episodes of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. I’m not going to lie, my articles aren’t quality pieces of work that are comparable to the writings of Ernest Hemingway, and I’m not trying to be an amazing author. I don’t consider myself a journalist, reviewer, or writer. I’m just a dude. On top of that, I don’t have an editor and proofreading is for dorks, so my writing isn’t going to be great all the time. Also, I fucking like to say fuck, and this fucking is, mother fuckers. I don’t even care if my articles don’t make anyone laugh because I’m honestly not worried about trying to please anyone. Really, I’m just kicking real shit out there so people know what’s up. Some people love my shit for whatever reason, and I appreciate that. But because of my honesty in my last review, I’ve caught a lot more shit than usual from various people. Mostly indy wrestling hanger-ons and CWFH jobbers trying to label me a “hater” and other dumb shit, but still, it’s more than usual.

It’s hilarious to see how outraged and upset some of these people are, because instead of trying to explain why I’m wrong they’d rather bitch, complain, and try to discredit my opinions while insulting my writing. Personally, I’m just sitting back and laughing at the ridiculousness of this shit. Yeah, I trashed the shit out of some shows. They sucked. I know I wasn’t tactful, or articulate. I wasn’t trying to win some sort of Pulitzer Prize for my article, or any article I write for that matter. I’m simply just talking about independent wrestling and while trying to have a little bit of fun along the way. If you get upset by something I write, that’s your problem. The fact that some people allow themselves to get so emotionally worked up over the dumbass shit I say is really, really sad.

Another thing, everyone that comes out of the woodwork to try and shit on my reviews when they’re negative are hypocrites. I don’t see these people talking about my articles when I give positive reviews. I don’t see them leaving comments talking about how good certain workers and matches are. No. Instead, I see a bunch of people acting like counterproductive bitches. If you don’t like what I’m writing, don’t read my shit and stop bitching about me so you won’t turn into butthurt clowns throwing hissy fits about someone’s opinions. Stop making yourself miserable by getting bent out of shape over the shit a dumbass like me says and thinks. It also makes me wonder how some of you who get upset over my reviews would react if this guy were reviewing your shit.

Speaking of reviews, Steve wrote one!

SCU co-founder Steve Bryant went to a SoCal Pro event and wrote a review of the show which you can check out here. Steve is nicer than I am, so if you’re sensitive, feel free to read his reviews as they won’t make you cry.

But on a serious note, I’m glad to see Steve writing reviews again. His columns and reviews helped get myself and many others into the Southern California wrestling scene, and hopefully he’ll write some more in the future so that more people get into the scene.

PCW’s Release The Kraken Highlight Video released on Youtube

Pacific Coast Wrestling released a highlight video on Youtube for their debut event that took place last month. Before their event, PCW owner Mike Hawes talked a bunch of shit on me, tried to get me to show up to his show so he could try to beat me up, and made a bunch of threats to me on Facebook. He’s such a card!

Anyways, their debut show had MVP in the main event going up against former XWW superstar The Almighty Sheik. Timothy Thatcher was also on the show, and Scorpio Sky faced TJ Perkins. It’s hard to tell the quality of a show from highlight videos, but the Thatcher match and Sky/TJ are the only two matches I want to see from this show. Hopefully those matches will get released. Can’t say anything else looks very interesting. The production values seem higher than your average SoCal indy though, I give PCW credit for that.


Shit Not Worth Writing Paragraphs About

  • I heard about something really cool that will eventually be news. I won’t give any hints about what it is other than this could possibly be one of the bigger stories in SoCal wrestling this year.
  • has launched a new streaming service called the Highspots Wrestling Network for $9.99 a month. Highspots’s service is available on iPhone, iPad, AppleTV (via AirPlay), Android Phones and Tablets running Android OS KitKat (version 4.3 or higher) & Google Chrome, ChromeCast, and Roku. They’re offering a 7-day free trial so you can check it out before subscribing. There are several PWG events on the service along with a lot of other content.
  • I watched some Lucha Underground for the first time ever. That shit is a trip and Jim Cornette is a fucking idiot. I mean, yeah, the show has stupid shit that wouldn’t happen in real life, but the thing about Lucha Underground is that it’s not supposed to be a show that tries to convince people that wrestling is real, it’s just a regular ass TV show where the plot involves wrestling. I don’t know how Jim’s retarded redneck ass can’t comprehend that concept. Either way, fuck him. His word doesn’t mean shit anymore.
  • Tammy Sytch’s adult-film debut “Sunny Side Up” hit the internet this week. While it was disturbing, sad, and somewhat repulsive, I still think she’s a lot more fuckable than Amy Schumer.
  • On Valentine’s Day Sunday, World Wrestling Entertainment will be holding a house in Bakersfield at the Rabobank Arena featuring AJ Styles. The event will also feature Chris Jericho.
  • I’m writing an article about the history of independent wrestling in Reseda and the surrounding area. This will be a serious article from me for once, and I’m hoping to get it up by Friday. I might have to split it into two parts, but so far I’m happy with how it’s turning out.
  • These columns were supposed to be a Tuesday thing, but I got shit to do and felt like getting this up early.
  • While this isn’t a SoCal or pro wrestling related tidbit, check out this flying knee KO by Diego Rivas from Saturday night’s UFC event. Shit was beautiful.
  • Sorry for the spoiler, atox lol (inside joke alert)


Random Match Of The Week

Ending this edition with the main event of last Friday night’s EWF show in Covina, as Gary Yap’s Man In Black defended the EWF Championship against rookie Ty Ray. Gary talked to me about this match, saying he was proud of it because of how the crowd was able to get behind Ty Ray. Ty is not the best worker here, and it’s obvious he’s pretty green, but he was capable of pulling off a good performance as the Man In Black helped carry him to a good match that the fans were into. This won’t win any MOTY polls or anything, but it was a fun match that showed how well this angle with Gary Yap has gotten over. Check it out.


That does it for this episode of Real Talk. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to direct them here.

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