Steve’s View #2

April is almost over and damn I’m glad. As I stated in my last View that this has been a slow month in SoCal. And has it ever.

The response for XPW’s “The Scene of the Crime” hasn’t been very good for XPW. Pretty much all opinion on the show has been negative. The show is what some people are calling XPW’s worst show ever. I understand they had some no-shows and had to do some on the fly booking, but its still no excuse for the show. I won’t beat a dead horse more than I already have, so I’ll stop here.

XPW and UIWA picked a good month to run bad shows. With only 6 promotions running shows this month there’s a good chance one or both will still make the Top 5 Feds for April.

Is it just me or is Revolution Pro really on fire? First they have what could be a MOTY candidate on the 13th, then they rock XPW’s show on the 21st, a killer show lined up for the 27th, and then in May they are running a round robin tournament to determine their first cruiserweight champion. As far as giving us, the fans, what we want, nobody is coming close to Rev Pro.

As you may have heard Big Schwag has left UPW over creative reasons. Schwag has always seemed to me like a pretty good guy, who not only cared about UPW, but all indies in SoCal. I hope just because he left UPW he doesn’t leave SoCal. I can however guarantee we haven’t heard the last of The Big Schwag.

Speaking of UPW word around the campfire is that headlining the May 30th show will be Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Prodigy. Also Chavo Guerro was seen backstage at the last show talking about possibly working for UPW in the future.

I don’t know how many football fans are out there but damn, I’m starting to get excited about the Chargers and it’s only April. Of course sometime in November I will most likely be disappointed again. I can dream.

May is looking to be a big month in SoCal. MPW will be coming back for its 2nd show, EWF has some big shows lined up, XPW will try to erase the memory of “Scene of the Crime”, Rev Pro’s cruiser tournament will get underway, UPW should have a big show on the 30th, and a ton of other shows that I am forgetting to mention.

SoCal UNCENSORED World Tour starting this May.

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