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Recently, Steve had a chance to talk with up and coming valet SoCal Valerie. In their conversation Valerie talked about her start in wrestling, Florida versus SoCal, the Messiah attack, and more.

Steve: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, lets get started shall we?

SoCal Valerie: Let’s shall.

Steve: When did you first become interested in wrestling?

SoCal Valerie: I became interested after watching a few shows with my sister and her friend. I think Stephanie McMahon was the first person on the show that really got me interested.

Steve: Anyone ever tell you that you look a little like Stephanie McMahon?

SoCal Valerie: I get that a lot! In fact a young fan at a WWE show I was attending saw me walk past and started screaming “Stephanie! Stephanie!”. I’m honored actually… Stephanie has definitely set the right image.

Steve: How did you first get involved in indy wrestling?

SoCal Valerie: I started going to different indy shows…the people there started to talk, and took notice
of me. Eventually I was lucky enough to be asked by a promoter to valet.

Steve: That was GSCW, right?

SoCal Valerie: Correct! GSCW was where I eventually made my debut.

Steve: How did your debut go? Who was in the match?

SoCal Valerie: It went well in my eyes because it prepared me and gave me the experience I needed. I valeted for Pinoy Boy…who I eventually turned on when he lost the match.  He then received a slap to the face…and I left with Scott Lost.

Steve: Did you have receive any type of training prior to the match?

SoCal Valerie: Somewhat. But I learned most by studying tapes and shows myself. In my opinion that is the best way to learn.

Steve: Where did the name “SoCal Valerie” come from?

SoCal Valerie: Valerie seemed like a great name. When you think of Valerie it sounds almost royal. Classy and sophisticated. That’s the image I am going for.

Steve: Did you get a chance to valet for any other feds in SoCal?

SoCal Valerie: Yes, I had the privilege of working for WPW and later working for EPIC pro wrestling.

Steve: Speaking of EPIC, you and Hailey had a brief feud in GSCW, what are your thoughts on that and your overall thoughts on Hailey?

SoCal Valerie: Hailey and I have some unfinished business. I hope to return to So Cal soon so we can settle the score.

Steve: Was your catfight with Hailey the first time you had gotten physical in pro-wrestling?

SoCal Valerie: Yes, it was my first in California.  Though my reputation has preceded me here in Florida as some of the valets have gotten under my skin.

Steve: Yeah, shortly after EPIC’s debut show you moved to Florida. Why did you move?

SoCal Valerie: My family and I relocated to our summer home. It’s a real dream being BI-coastal.

Steve: Is it true that before you moved you had a love affair with a certain wrestling journalist?

SoCal Valerie: Oh Steve, that’s just a dream that keeps both of us warm at night.

Steve: What promotions have you been working for in Florida?

SoCal Valerie: So far I am a part of IPW-Hardcore, NWA Florida, SCW and NNW.  I’ve gotten to work with a lot of great people. I am currently the valet for NWA FL Heavyweight Champion of the world Danny Doring, Former IPW tag team champions The Strong Brothers and a very hot up and coming tag team on the indy scene The High Rollers who I have very important plans for.

Steve: How do you feel the wrestling talent in Florida compares to the talent in SoCal?

SoCal Valerie: It’s definitely a different style. A lot of old school wrestling here in Florida. The workers
seem to work a lot more shows even though it is still very territorial.

Steve: Who has been your favorite person to valet for so far and why?

SoCal Valerie: Danny Doring. He was not upset by my creative ad lib during the match…and he felt that I did not take away from his performance. He’s very professional and he’s not the kind of wrestler that needs a female valet to be over with the crowd. Danny is over no matter what…but me being there is the icing on the cake.

Steve: OK, lets get controversial for a second. If you could shoot anyone in wrestling in the face, who would it be and explain?

SoCal Valerie: In light of the recent attack on a very close friend of mine I choose not to answer that question.

Steve: Are you talking about the Messiah?

SoCal Valerie: Yes.

Steve: What were you thinking when you heard about what happened to him?

SoCal Valerie: I was horrified beyond belief.  Before my departure to Florida, The Messiah had become great friends with my family and I. It still upsets me to this day.

Steve: Did you see the episode of America’s Most Wanted that featured the story?

SoCal Valerie: Yes and I hope it helps to bring some justice to the case.

Steve: OK, moving on to lighter subjects, who are your favorite wrestlers to watch?

SoCal Valerie: I have so many favorites but to narrow it down I’d have to say Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kurt Angle and Randy Orton.

Steve: What are your goals in wrestling?

SoCal Valerie: To show my respect by contributing to the sport of pro wrestling in my own way. Which is being the best valet I can be. And one day I would very much like to be a part of the WWE.

Steve: Pretty much every girl who has joined the WWE recently has gotten breast implants, with the exception of Stacy Keibler. Is that something you would do to be a part of the WWE?

SoCal Valerie: No. If I was to ever alter my body in such a way, it would be for my own personal reasons and no one else’s.

Steve: What is your opinion on the internet wrestling scene?

SoCal Valerie: The Internet has been very helpful in my career. There are several women of wrestling sites that I am featured on and I thinks it’s a great way for the fans to interact with not only me, but other wrestlers and valet’s in the business. Luckily there are sites like SoCalUncensored that give the workers a place to hear what the fans have to say.  We are lucky to have fans that are so vocal in their opinions.

Steve: Do you have plans to return to SoCal?

SoCal Valerie: If they are lucky I’ll be back. Just remember…you can take Val out of So Cal…but you
can’t take the So Cal out of Val.

Steve: Is there anything else you wish to say before we end this interview?

SoCal Valerie: Just a big thanks to you for the opportunity to do this interview…and to the fans I’d like
to say thank you for all the support you showed me during my time in So Cal. I’ll be back one day…and so will my million dollar legs!

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