Quickie Interview with “The Professional” Scott Lost

With the recent funded success of his kickstarter campaign for Scott Lost 23his 2nd shift comic series, I had a quick opportunity to talk to retired So Cal star Scott Lost.

1. how are you today?

SL: I’m Awesome!

2. Let’s go back into your past & talk about your wrestling career, where were you trained & how long were in the biz?

SL: I trained at UPW/Ultimate University for 10 months, and then started working their weekly shows called the lite shows. After that me and my partner, Ryan Ruffio, got called up to do their big shows known as the Galaxy shows. A lot of good memories there. Before it was all said and done I’d been in the biz for 10 years.

3. Talk about your time with Joey Ryan as a member of the Lost Boys.

SL: Me and Joey were actually thrown together for a Galaxy show. Both of our partners had been out with injuries for months and UPW wanted a tag team, so they put us together. We actually fought it (out of loyalty to our partners), but they threatened to drop both of us if we didn’t. After that we started to get booked everywhere as a consistent tag team.

4. Throughout your career, any matches stood out the most?

SL: Tons, but the ones I can remember right off the bat are: my debut at the Galaxy, The Lost Boys vs. The Manila Thrillas, Ladder match with Joey Ryan for the tag team titles, “I Quit” Match with Scorpio Sky, Osaka Pro Tour with Scorpio Sky, my series with Davey Richards, BOLA match against Kenny Omega, ARROGANCE run (yes, the entire run), and my retirement match with Sky. I can honestly say that I loved every match I’ve had with Sky. Our ring chemistry was the best.

5. Would you consider yourself retired or semi retired?

SL: Retired. I did a super small spot at PWG 10 and I gotta say Scott Lost 2it was the most nervous I’ve ever been in a long time. I don’t miss that feeling. Haha I do miss the crowd and the cool moves though

6. Did you retire due to injury or did you feel you accomplished all you needed to do in Pro Wrestling?

SL: I didn’t get to accomplish everything I wanted (I wanted my shot in Dragongate and I also wanted that PWG Title), but I got a lot done and I knew it was time to move on. 10 years in a long time to not be doing something full time and making a living off of it.

7. Do you miss being in the ring & is there a chance we can see you one day return?

SL: I do miss being in the ring, but when I do I go train for a day. Get it out of my system. Sorry to anyone who’s been asking for my return, but I don’t think that’ll happen. My body has taken a beating over the years, my knee is destroyed, and drawing comics doesn’t give me concussions.

8. As we seen from you, you have a passion for comics. What is it about comics that makes you feel this way?

SL: A Comic book artist was the first thing I wanted to do with my life, even at a young age. When kids were dreaming of scott lost 6being cowboys, astronauts, or the president, I wanted to be a comic book artist. I used to train myself as a kid to hit deadlines. I wouldn’t leave the house to go play until I finished 1 page of art because I knew Pencilers had to do that in order to get the book out on time. When I hit 19 that all changed. Pro Wrestling had taken over my interest completely and I started wrestling on my trampoline with my friends. I’d write the matches and we’d perform them. All safe stuff, of course; The most dangerous thing we’d do was do moves off the trampoline into boxes. I started getting that same feeling for wrestling that I did for comics so I switched careers. 10 years later I wanted to give my first love a go again and I gotta say, it’s just as rewarding.

9. Do you feel that comics helped you make your way into pro wrestling since it makes you have a different identity?

SL: Yeah, I feel like that was part of it. I keep a lot of my personal life a secret, just like it was my secret identity. Fans don’t need to know what my entire day is like and I don’t think they want to know that.

10. Talk about your current project “The 2nd Shift” and what’s it about?

SL: The general pitch I give people is The 2nd Shift is a comic about a young super hero team coming into their own and learning to deal with the normal day to day and being super heroes at night. Peter Parker takes pictures of Spider-Man, Clark Kent writes stories about Superman. My heroes have crap jobs where they can’t get paid to be superheroes and are accountable for 8-10 hours of their day. When you read it you2nd shift Scott Lost realize that stuff is all in there, but there is a lot of character development. You get to know the characters by the way they interact with each other, their reactions to scenarios, and the way they deal with stress, loss, and love. See someone in their bad times and you get to know what kind of person they can be. We put some of the characters in that situation throughout the book, so everyone will definitely get to know who they are and what them might become. If I’ve got any wrestling fans out there left, know there will be plenty of wrestling in these books. A character in the comic is obsessed with it and will be putting it down on some bad guys. Anybody familiar with my style of wrestling my last few years know I throw a ton of kicks and strikes, so another character is a martial artist. Some BFKs, Judo throws, Ong Bak, and Bruce Lee moves will be seen by issue 5 as well!

11. How can fans be able to help you with your kickstarter?

SL: Donate and spread the word! Pass the link along to anyone and everyone that you know that might be interested in helping me and the project out. I’ve put A LOT of hours into this thing, as well as the rest of the T2S Team, so seeing this thing succeed is a HUGE deal. We’re trying to raise enough to fund all 5 issues of the first storyarc so I won’t have to do another kickstarter for a long time. Haha These things take a lot of time and effort. I’ve actually spent days contacting everyone on my facebook and twitter accounts. Roughly 3,000 people. Creating the images for the stretch goals, even just updates take time away from me actually drawing so getting this badboy to $5,000 would be amazeballs. If you can only spare $1.00, that’s still a huge deal to me and my face lights up even seeing that. If you can afford more, even better! We’re $1,500 away from hitting our goal with 2 weeks left. I’m hoping we can get there!

Thanks again to Scott Lost for the chance to catch up with him. Remember if you want to help donate to his comic series “The 2nd Shift” visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1835538384/the-2nd-shift-2014

Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @ScottLost

Until next time, this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!