[RECAP] Lucha Underground on El Rey Network on May 13th 2015

Good morning So Cal on this wet morning, Socaluncensored’s own Mike Draven is back & I’m here toLucha Underground sept-oct 2014 flyer 2 recap what went down on the recent episode of Lucha Underground which aired on the El Rey Network on Wednesday, May 13th.

Your video recap showed the impact both Alberto El Patron & Johnny Mundo have had in the underground since they started & how both men feel they deserve an opportunity at facing Prince Puma for the Lucha Underground championship but as of now, Hernandez is currently the #1 contender with Dario Cueto announcing that El Patron & Mundo would face each other where the winner faces Hernandez for the #1 Contendership which El Patron was victorious & will face Hernandez on this episode.

We would see Dario Cueto talking with his mysterious brother who is held in his cell talking about that he found the 7 medallions of the ancient Aztec tribes. Once all medallions are linked up together, he states that this will make one warrior as powerful as the gods & he will set battles for the Lucha Underground warriors to win these medallions on this episode as his brother growls in the background.

As the house band for this evening Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta is playing for the fans in the temple, Vampiro & Matt Striker welcomes everyone, goes over tonight’s matches & we see Metallica’s bassist Robert Trajillo in the crowd. We kick off with the debut of the newest Luchador for Lucha Underground, AAA & Worldwide Superstar Jack Evans.

Aerostar vs Jack Evans:

Jack Evans as brash & cocky as he is, receives a huge pop from the fans as the 15 year veteran makes his way to the ring. Both men start off hot, with Aerostar getting the upper hand hitting unique manuevers like a middle rope tight rope walk into a hurracarana on Evans to get the fans going. Both luchadors would show off some unique flips to the outside but again Aerostar would get the upper hand on Evans on the outside. Evans would finally get control of the match displaying some Judo on Aerostar but he would banter to the crowd to draw some heat on him leaving Aerostar to catch his breath. As Striker informed the crowd about Jack Evan’s training from the legendary Hart Dungeon, Evan’s would continue the offensive on Aerostar with stiff strikes on him.

Both men would return to fight on the outside, displaying more high flying offensive on one another with Evans hitting a 450 splash on top of the railings from the seating area onto Aerostar as the fans go nuts in this match. Evans would attempt a Phoenix Splash on Aerostar who would move out of the way allowing him to attempt a high flying move of his own only to be stopped by Evan’s who would meet him at the top rope. As both men fight to gain control, Aerostar would be able to deliver a Flipping Piledriver from the top rope on Jack Evans to gain the victory in this hard fought battle as the fans applaud for both men & that finisher.

Aerostar def Jack Evans via Flipping Piledriver from the Top Rope.

We see The Mack conversing with his cousin Big Ryck as he was counting some money as The Mack saying that with family, you share everything including the cash. Big Ryck still upset that they’re not the Trios Champions & you’re in the buisness, you’re here to make money & if this includes beating up family, he’ll do it as The Mack looks unsure.

We head to the ring as 7 luchadors are in the ring for the next contest as Pentagon Jr, Sexy Star, Killshot, King Cuerno, The Mack, Cage & Fenix are waiting to start the match as Dario Cueto came out of his office to inform the competitors that they’re fighting for a valuable prize…one of the 7 medallions of the Aztec tribes. He wouldn’t go into detail what they ment to be use for but whoever wins, earns a medallion.

All luchadors fighting all around as Pentagon & Fenix battle it out in the ring as everyone else is on the outside. As Fenix & Pentagon made their way to the outside, Killshot & King Cuerno would face each other in the ring. We would see some traditional mat wrestling from these two Luchadors as Cage & The Mack assaults each other on the outside. They would eventually make it back to the ring & all four men fighting each other but Cage & Cuerno would ascend the top rope to do high flying moves on to Mack & Killshot, going for a pinfall only to have it broken up by Fenix & Sexy Star.

After a few superkicks, Killshot & Mack gain control on Pentagon & Fenix attacking them both with running clotheslines at opposite ends of the ring. But that didn’t stop Pentagon & Fenix to deliver a double foot stomp on Killshot & The Mack before clotheslining each other & having Cage & Cuerno attempt a pinfall only to have Sexy Star break it up. King Cuerno & Cage would both try to take out Sexy Star but she would hold her own. By now everyone would attempt to hit a big move on everyone else..Cage on Mack, Fenix on Cage, Killshot on Fenix, Cuerno on Killshot, Sexy star on Cuerno & Pentagon on Sexy star.

Pentagon would eventually be left alone with Fenix & Sexy Star as he hits a double move as he delivered a package piledriver on Fenix while hitting a Gory drop on Sexy star at the same time which got the fans going. Pentagon would attempt his arm breaker on Fenix to have it stopped by Sexy Star but Pentagon would hit a gut buster on Sexy Star allowing Fenix to gain some composer & hit a reverse Hurracarana on Pentagon followed by a Standing Moonsault to gain the victory & earning the 1st medallion.

Fenix def Sexy Star, The Mack, Cage, Pentagon jr, Killshot & King Cuerno

Dario Cuerto is in his office talking with the Lucha Underground Trios Champions Angelico, Son of Havoc & Ivelisse. He informs them that since Mr. Cisco & Cortez defeated them in a tag team match, The Crew has earned a Championship match against them & will face them in a Ladder match. Despite Ivelisse’s leg injury, they’ll fight them in the Ladder match next week.

We see Fenix in the locker as the lights flickered & Catrina makes her presences known as she said he fell into her trap as she mention that Mil Muetes is reborn since Fenix buried him in there casket match a while ago. She would disappear once the lights flickered again as Fenix doesn’t know what to make of the situation as three mysterious figures emerged from the top of the lockers as they seemed to attack Fenix.

Main Event for the #1 Contendership for the Lucha Underground Championship:
Alberto El Patron vs Hernandez

Both men start the match, trying to gain momentum but pretty much they both show enough strength to prevent the other from gain the momentum first. Hernandez would gain control first giving El Patron his might but Alberto would turn his momentum against him & hit him with a fury of clotheslines & a backstabber for a two count. As the fans chant “Si”, El Patron was ready to hit a thrust kick on Hernandez only to have him deliver a “Pounce” Tackle on Alberto to regain control of the match. Hernandez would execute a backbreaker & then go for the cover only to get a two count on the AAA Mega Champion.

Alberto would connect with an arm breaker & hit his thrust kick on Hernandez plus went for the cover for a two count on the former TNA star. El Patron would get the fans behind him in chanting “Si” as he looks to apply his Armbar finisher until Johnny Mundo would get involved in the match, DDTing him on the outside as the fans in the temple not liking Mundo’s heel turn. Mundo would then send El Patron into the window of Dario Cueto’s office as everyone is stunned by this act from Johnny Mundo. Cueto is liking what he’s seeing out of Mundo as the fan’s continue to chant “Holy S@#T” inside the temple. Mundo would throw a bloody Alberto El Patron into the ring where Hernandez is unsure what’s going on between Mundo & El Patron but he would go for the pinfall & officially become the NEW #1 Contender for the Lucha Underground Championship. With a drink in Dario Cueto’s hand as he watches the outcome, the fans really give it to Mundo as EMT’s check on Alberto El Patron as the show goes off the air for the week.

Another solid episode of Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network. We see the seeds of this new rivalry form between Johnny Mundo & Alberto El Patron become planted as well as introducing these mysterious medallions to Lucha Underground. The question is what will these medallions mean & who else will acquire the other medallions? What is the reason Mundo turn his back on El Patron & the fans? Is there something between Big Ryck & The Mack after their family discussion? Will the Trios Champions be able to successfully defend the championships verses The Crew?

Be sure to catch all the action from Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network each & every week.

My Matches of the night goes in the order of this episode:
Aerostar vs Jack Evans
7 Luchador Match
Hernandez vs El Patron

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