RIP Joe Schmo

RIP Joe Schmo
My condolences to the friends and family of Joseph A. Franciosi more commonly known as Joe Schmo and a former poster on our message boards. Joe passed away this morning from a heart attack. For anyone who knew Schmo, he wasn’t afraid of controversy… likewise he never pulled any punches. Be it on the message board or in the locker room. Schmo was an advocate for the boys, be it in UPW, the WWE, or in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. All in all, you knew exactly where you stood with Schmo. Most wrestling fans won’t recognize Joe, but he was an important cog in Southern California Wrestling and will be greatly missed.

I am shocked. He was always so kind to me over the years. I first knew of him as the RedEyeBandit posting on, sticking up for his friends and being a pretty funny guy. Getting to know him the past few years via facebook I really appreciated the guy. You could tell he loved his family very much. Every time he’d see me at Hollywood he’d always ask how my family was. On October 7th, last year he took time out of his day to check on how I was doing while my wife was in labor with our daughter Piper. He had no reason to do so, except he genuinely cared about how I was doing. I’m so sorry for his wife and his children. Joseph, you will be missed.


  1. Jay Cal’s View #124 | - 05/22/2015

    […] RIP Joe Schmo Like many, we are still mourning our friend Joseph Franciosi, who passed just seven days ago.  His untimely passing has been hard on many of those involved in the wrestling scene here in Southern California, but none as much as his family, who he loved very much.  A friend of the family has set up a gofundme account to help with Joe’s final expenses.  If you can donate anything, it would certainly help the family who’s already had to deal with so much grief.  Next Friday (May 29th) the friends and family of Joe Schmo are getting together to pay respects to and celebrate the life of Joseph Franciosi.  Services are being held at Beatitudes of Our Lord Church at 13013 S. Santa Gertrudes Avenue in La Mirada at 10:30AM.  There will also be a lunch afterward at the Westridge Golf Club at 1400 S. La Habra Hills Dr., La Habra CA. […]