[RECAP] IWL “Insano Vision” on August 8th 2015

Insane Wrestling LeagueIWL 8-8-15 Flyer
Insano Vision
American Legion Hall
August 8th 2015
Baldwin Park, Ca

Hello Socaluncensored faithfuls, Mike Draven here as I recap the action packed IWL “Insano Vision” event which took place on Saturday August 8th from the American Legion in Baldwin Park, Ca.

Preshow Match for the #1 Contendership for the IWL Breakout Championship:
“The Scourge of Grizzly Hills” Joseph Knox def Douglas James to become the NEW #1 contender

Opening of Show:
The show kicks off with IWL Owner Vic Luna & Tony Graziano welcoming everyone to the event as they would introduce a special fan in attendance as IWL play by play commentator “The Five Card Stud” Jeff Maverick brings his son Luke into the ring who is celebrating his birthday & for his gift, he wanted to meet his favorite tag team The Young Bucks. The Bucks would come out to meet their #1 fan but in true “Bucks” fashion, they would take it upon themselves to give Jeff Maverick a Superkick in front of his son. Luke would not like that they hurt his father & actually defend his father as he attacked Matt & Nick Jackson only to be on a reciving end of another Superkick…YES, THE BUCKS SUPERKICKED A KID!!

This would bring out the Mix Tape Kings to kick start the opening match for the IWL Tag Team Championship.

IWL Tag Team Championship:
The Mix Tape Kings (Jerome “LTP” Robinson & Jacob “The Riot” Diez) def The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) with the “Mix Tape” Double team finisher on Matt Jackson to become the NEW IWL Tag Team Champions. After the match, MTK would hoist Luke on their shoulders as he would hold the titles in front of a great crowd as the fans chanted for Luke.

Simon Lotto def Johnny Saovi with a crucifix pin

Before we started the next match, Tony Graziano would introduce..ME as I presented The Young Presenting Awards to the Bucks 8-8-15.jpg 2Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) the 2014 Socaluncensored.com Tag Team of the Year as voted by the fans. The Bucks would make a small speech thanking So Cal, the fans & promised that they’re not moving to Florida.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match:
The Black Parade (Pinky & Eli Everfly) def Tag Game Strong (Leo Blaze & Cedric “The Hitman” King) & The Team of Kahmora & “The High Flying Senastion” Steven Andrews as with Andrews would leave his partner Kahmora alone in the ring near the end of the match, The Black Parade would capitalize by hitting a double team finisher on Kahmora for the win.

IWL Breakout Championship:
The American Oni (w/Pris) def “The One” Blake Grayson with a Spinning Neckbreaker for the victory & to retain the championship. New #1 Contender Joseph Knox would attack Oni until security & officials would break them apart but Pris would get into Knox’s face who would end up kidnapping Pris & take off in his car as Oni would chased after them.

IWL Anarchy Championship:
Justin Ryke def Damon Divine by DQ to retain the championship due to Divine throwing some 99% Alcohol in the face of Ryke. As a blinded Ryke lay on the mat, two masked men in hazmat suits would join Divine on attacking Ryke as Damon Divine would announce the formation of the Face Mask Mafia. Riki De La Paz who was at the commentating table would even the odds & help Ryke fend off the Face Mask Mafia & issued a challenge 3 on 1 Match for the Anarchy championship at NEW ERA X in October..if Divine teams wins, Divine will become the New Champion but if he loses, Ryke vowed to have the front row in attendance “relieve” themselves on Damon Divine.

“The New Age Punisher” B-Boy def Che Cabrera via Armbar Submission in transition from a Triangle Choke Submission.

Co-Main Event-Triple Threat Match for the IWL Heavyweight Championship:
“Pretty” Peter Avalon def “Big Nasty” Eric Watts & “Mr. Arizona” Chris Evans as Avalon hit his “Marti-Knees” Finisher on Watts to retain the Championship.

Co-Main Event- #1 contendership for the IWL Heavyweight Championship vs Career:
With IWL Heavyweight Champion Peter Avalon at the commentator table to witness this match & Referee Justin Borden out of commission, “Mr. New Era” Eric Cross would sneak in a chair to use. Avalon would stop Cross before he could use it only to have Cross pull an “Eddie Guererro” move as he played that he got hit by Avalon as Referee Borden would come to & end the match as Eric Cross was declared the winner as Peter Avalon plead his case to Borden & Rosas along with the fans are in stunned.

IWL Owner Vic Luna would announce that the referee’s word is final & Cross would start singing “Na Na Na Na” until Luna would say that that match isn’t the way to end it & ordered the match to restart as a “No DQ” & Must have a winner. As the match was about to restart, Avalon would attempt to hit Cross with the chair but he would move & Avalon accidentally hit his partner Ray Rosas as the bell rang to begin the match over again.

No DQ Match for the IWL Heavyweight Championship:
Ray Rosas def “Mr. New Era” Eric Cross via a Double Arm submission after Rosas hit a Death Valley Driver on Cross. After the match, Eric Cross would have some words saying that he would do anything to become the IWL champion but this evening, he earned his respect & asked for a handshake as Rosas was unsure but they would end up hugging it out as both men had an amazing back & forth match up. As Cross would leave the ring, Avalon wanted to also congratulate his long time tag partner but Rosas would not want it due to the accidental chair shot as Vic Luna would enter the ring & state that even though Rosas originally didn’t want to face his partner for the championship, Luna announced “Pretty” Peter Avalon will defend the IWL Championship verses Ray Rosas at NEW ERA X on October 3rd as both men would stare each other down as the show ends.

This event showcased the great talent of the IWL and had a good turn out from the fans. The superkick from the Bucks to young Luke started off what was going to be an awesome show. The video of the Bucks vs Luke has already recieved a lot of views on Facebook & now its on Youtube for your view pleasure which you can click on the link: https://youtu.be/YcerqYK1pUg

As for this evening Match of the Night, it was a hard decision as every match, the talent of the IWL brought up their game. But I give the nod to these matches in no particular order:

Eric Cross vs Ray Rosas:
This is a feud that stemmed from last year with Cross doing whatever it took to keep his former ally out of the main event scene. Both men definitely brought out the very best in each other with a mix of impactful moves & ground based wrestling. As this may be the end of this feud, a new one may have sparked from its outcome as we will see as best friends collide with Peter Avalon vs Ray Rosas. I suggest all of you to attend IWL’s NEW ERA X in October to see this match up.

Young Bucks vs Mix Tape Kings:
As I mention with the Bucks superkicking Luke in the opening moments of the show would set the pace of this evenings events. The Mixtape Kings have been waiting for months for their shot at The Young Bucks and the IWL Tag Team Championship as both teams would show a fast pace, high adrenaline match full of unique spots & of course a full helping of superkicks from both teams. Both teams would utilize their finishers but The Mix Tape Kings would prevail in defeating the global superstars of Matt & Nick Jackson. Overall, great match.

B-Boy vs Che Cabera:
By far the most technical match of the evening as both men were pound for pound even match up & would use a lot of ground base mat wrestling, technical wear down holds, stiff shots & submission holds that gave the fans a good solid match.

I also would like to thank Vic Luna & The Insane Wrestling League for allow myself to attend the event & to be able to present The Young Bucks with the 2014 Tag Team of the Year Award. With the Bucks schedule traveling all around the world, this was only opportunity to present them their awards as you the fans help the Socaluncensored’s award committee in selecting them as the winners. As much as I would love to continue talking, I wanted to recognize PPRAY as the runner ups in the 2014 Tag Team Award catagory at the event. Again thank you Vic & IWL as well as Congratulations to Matt & Nick Jackson. If you fans want to nominate your favorite So Cal Wrestlers in the 2015 Socaluncensored Year End Awards, visit the message board, sign up & keep an eye out towards the end of the year for announcements.

As always I would like to thank each & everyone one of you who continues to show your support to So Cal’s wrestling scene. Don’t forget if you have a ROKU box or ROKU account that you can check out IWL & see Insano Vision for yourself at: http://www.h8feed.com/IWL/

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Until next time, this Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!