Jay Cal’s View #135

They say the Pen Is Mightier, so Anthony Idol… gimmie back my award! In this week’s view I explain what happened at SoCal Pro in Escondido, I take another look at Andy Brown vs. Gary Yap’s Man In Black (get well soon Gary), There is going to be a 5 Promotional Unified Tag Team Titles, a new United Wrestling Network Champion, a bit of thanks and this weeks events.

2014 Rookie of the Year Award Hijacked?!?
Anthony Idol's award 8-1-15So there I was, right smack dab in the middle of the SoCal Pro ring. The ring I’ve watched Tommy Wilson bleed. This ring that I saw Kid Caramba get beat with a belt by SoCal Crazy. The same ring I watched Duke and Destro go toe to toe. So many fond memories of this ring and here I am, lucky enough to be handing out the 2014 SoCalUncensored Rookie of the Year Award. This almost perfect moment was absolutely ruined with the uninvited Everett Scott and Anthony Idol. For those of you who haven’t kept up with SoCal Pro, Everett Scott was the head official at SoCal Pro before being fed up with the antics of Tommy Wilson and literally threw his referee career in the trash. Scott formed a stable, all comprised of former or current SoCal Pro Champions. SoCal Crazy (SoCal Pro Champion), Kitana Vera (former tag champion), Andre Machievski & Dark Usagi (SoCal Pro Tag Champions), King’s Jester (okay so he hasn’t held a title), and Anthony Idol (the Golden State Champion). Not in as so many words, the self professed “Rookie of the Future” called the voters of the SCU Year End Awards “dweebs.” And let all the fans in Escondido know that he was, “Simply correcting a clerical error…” I for one can’t wait for the return of Mike Camden to comeback to SoCal Pro and re-take what belongs to him. And by that I mean both the 2014 ROY Award and more importantly the Golden State Championship.

As for the rest of the evening I was quite impressed with this new core of SoCal Pro Talent.  Obviously the roster has changed quiet a  bit in the nearly 2 years since my last SoCal Pro Show, which isn’t indicative of how good or bad a SoCal Pro Show is, it’s just indicative of a commute that’s a bit longer than I’m willing to make most days.  I was reintroduced to a few familiar faces, like “Too Hot Too Handle” Eddie Randal, Machievski and Usagi; I was also introduced to a bevy of young hungry talent: Montros, Incindio Calavera, and CJ Supa (who teamed wtih Eddie Randal against the Tag Champs) and basically all the “good guys” in the main event: The Rebel Renegades (Ju Dizz & Joe Gamble) Danny Limelight, and Ashley Grace.  This show is used as an opportunity to get guys a little more exposure for the newer guys to the roster.  You have to give credit to SoCal Pro for running a $5 show and still maintaining some of the company’s biggest names on the event, it’s really easy to just call it a student show.  I was really surprised that there were two championship matches on the show and the Main Event featuring Everett Scott International.

The match that SoCal Crazy had with Incindio Calavera was way better than I thought it would be when Incindio answered SoCal Crazy’s open challenge.  One of the more intense spots of the night is when SoCal Crazy used a running powerbomb to slam Incindio into the wall.  Devin Sparks also had a really good match with Motros.  Big Duke and Ricky Mandel could have been the Main Event at an Oceanside show, I didn’t love the inclusion of Casanova Fantastico but they made it work.  There wasn’t a single bad match on the card.  And the main event had the crowd eating out of the collective hands of those in the ring, because they were going nuts with the antics of Everett Scott International.  Ashley Grace has been given a lot of positive praise of the past few months and on Saturday night, earned every kind word that has been spoken with the way she took that beating, I was reminded of Candace LaRae vs. Awesome Kong from one of the earlier NWA TV Tapings in San Bernardino.  I think the Rebel Renegades had a great look, I think the skies the limit for that duo.  However, the reaction of Danny Limelight got from the crowd, I can see his stock rising and perhaps being the next SoCal Pro star to breakout all over SoCal.   I thoroughly enjoyed myself at SoCal Pro and reminded me how much I miss going to Oceanside every month.  SoCal Pro’s next event is in Oceanside Boys and Girls Club on August 15th and will be headlined with SoCal Crazy vs. Cholo vs. Ryan Kidd.  But make don’t go to sleep on the debut of “Uptown” Andy Brown as he takes on Anthony Idol for the SCP Golden State Championship

“Uptown” Andy Brown vs. HIM III
Speaking of Andy Brown, tonight he faces a man who has become his chief rival at the Empire Wrestling Federation, Gary Yap’s Man In Black. First and foremost to Gary Yap, who had a medical emergency earlier this week, I’m glad to hear you are well. Gary has said nothing will keep him from Covina tonight. You’re doing some exciting things right now, but please make sure you’re taking care of yourself. The first encounter of the HIM and Brown was all the way back at EWF’s July 3rd Covina event. The match ended in a time limit draw, but certainly HIM had Andy Brown in a compromising position with a submission hold in place that was synced in and all but ready to pronounce victory for Gary Yap’s Man In Black. However with time expiring there would be no victor. Their sequel would take place in Lytle Creek just a week or so later. This match was very back and forth but ultimately Andy Brown would be declared the victor because of outside interference from one Gary Yap. Fans of Empire Wrestling Federation are hoping for a conclusion to this trilogy tonight where it all started at the EWF Arena at the Covina with the stipulation of no time limit. Also in action will be the two former friends Mike Maze battling Johnny Starr and the American Championship will be on the line with Baby Bull defending against that no good Anthony Idol.

5 Promotion Unified Tag Team Champions?
All Pro Wrestling, Apex Pro, PCW, FCW-LA, and Vendetta Pro Wrestling will unify their set of tag team championships into one title. Now this isn’t the first time that the APW and Vendetta tag titles have been unified, but it’s kind of a big deal when five promotions from all over California are working together to recognize one set of champions. I think this is a pretty special moment for California Wrestling, let alone Vendetta Pro. The Championship will be decided by the winners of The Ballard Bros (Shannon & Shane) vs The Von Dooms (Cyanide & Vintage Dragon) vs Classic Connection (Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro). Also scheduled Lil Cholo defending his Vendetta Pro Championship against “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman, the man I think will be the next NWA World Champion Matt Riviera defends the Western States Title against Carlito Colon. Plus Jeckles defends his Tri-Force title, a Hair vs. Hair match between Billy Blade and Rix Luxury with King Mo as a special enforcer all coming from Santa Maria Saturday Night.

United Wrestling Network
Sunday is the next round of television taping.  As we learned via the CWFH Facebook page, “Pretty” Peter Avalon became the newly christened United Wrestling Network Television Champion (formerly the MAV-TV Title & Hollywood International Television Title) by defeating Kevin Martenson for the title at the last round of television taping.  This makes Yuma the lone champion in Vermin.  It would appear that the Marquez family might actually have Vermin on the ropes and maybe even be able to snuff out those hooligans once and for all.   The Red Carpet Rumble was uploaded two weeks ago  in two different episodes, you can watch them now if you’re a member of the subscription service. Matches that have been made available are Hollywood Heritage Championship Match: YUMA (C) vs. Scorpio Sky, Eli Drake (formerly known as Shaun Ricker) vs. Kenny King, Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Championship Match: Timothy Thatcher & Drew Gulak (C) vs. Reno Scum, United Wrestling Network Television Championship Match: Kevin Martenson (C) vs. Brian Myers (formerly known as Curt Hawkins) and the Hollywood famous, 30-Man Red Carpet Rumble Battle Royal.   No new updates have been updated yet. Newest episodes of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood are uploaded usually prior to the airing on Sunday Mornings. Included with your subscription to the United Wrestling Network are these one of a kind never before seen matches that have not been aired on the weekly CWFH Television Program; RockNES Monsters defending the Hollywood Heritage Tag Titles against Natural Selection with Percy Pringle III and Los Luchas from June 26th 2010 in Yuma Arizona, Daniel Bryan vs. Sean “X-Pac” Waltman from November 11th 2007 in Peth Australia, AJ Styles vs. Trent Barretta on June 14th 2014 at Port Hueneme California, and most recently added Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas (The Naturals) taking on Romeo Roseli & Antonio Thomas (The Heart Throbs) from the Tsongas Arena in Lowell MA from July 7th 2006.  Subscription rates start as low as $2. Visit UWN powered by Patreon.  It’s perfect for those of us who do not have access KDOC-TV or YouToo America.

A Bit Of Thanks…
In the past month I’ve been thanked by both Jeff Dino (SoCal Pro) and Bart Kapitzke (AWS) for presenting awards at their shows.  I am completely overwhelmed by their gratitude and by the gratitude of those who have received their 2014 SoCalUncensored Year End Awards.  It’s all of us at SCU who are grateful to the promoters who allows us time to be on their shows to present these awards.  If not for your hard work in promoting these events, there would be no SCU.  Please remember that this site was forged on the ability to harmoniously promote Southern California Wrestling.  Our audience is your audience.  Those who want to be apart of the voting process for the 2015 Year End Awards, please register for SoCalUNCENSORED message board

Upcoming Events in SoCal
Lucha Libre Mexicana in Anaheim, TONIGHT August 7 @ 6:00 PM
EWF in Covina, TONIGHT August 7 @ 8:00 PM
IWL “InsanoVision” in Baldwin Park, Saturday August 8 @ 5:00 PM
OCCW “Operation Comeback” in Los Alamitos, Saturday August 8 @ 5:00 PM
OWA “Aftermatch” in San Diego, Saturday August 8 @ 5:00 PM
NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling “Vendettaversary 2015? in Santa Maria, Saturday August 8 @ 7:00 PM
CWFH TV Taping in Port Hueneme, Sunday August 9 @ 3:00 PM
UEW “Hysteria” in East Los Angeles, Saturday August 8 @ 7:00 PM
Q&A Time with Former WWE Writer & Lucha Underground’s Chris DeJoseph
Sunday August 9 @ 12:00 PM

FMLL Lucha Libre in Moreno Valley, Sunday August 9 @ 4:30 PM
AOW “Genesis” in Victorville, Sunday August 9 @ 6:00 PM

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