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Nine wrestling shows around SoCal and a chance to meet Rob Van Dam, Ryan Kidd is the Do It Yourself Wrestling of the Month.  Have you heard about the #CALternative2Raw movement?  And updates with United Wrestling Network.

DIY Wrestler of the Month: Ryan Kidd
The Do It Yourself Wrestler is awarded to celebrate the wrestler who is able to think outside of the box and to get themselves, their brand, greater exposure. March was awarded to YUMA, April was awarded to Raze, and this month is “Mr. Excitement” Ryan Kidd. Kidd’s having a banner year wrestling regularly Baja Mexico and all over Southern California.

You have been doing a weekly newsletter. I know first hand how difficult it can be doing a weekly newsletter, what was the inspiration to do a weekly newsletter?

The fans, 100%. I started to feel so distant from my fans and sponsors. I get an overwhelming amount of support from my fans, and I just felt like they weren’t getting the same devotion in return. Combined with the determination of establishing a brand in the New Year (2015), it all seemed to come together at the right time. I also wanted to do something different that most wrestlers weren’t doing. I understood the burden of such a commitment and eagerly began the weekly series at the end of 2014. After the initial novelty wore off, it started to become more of a grind. However, the constant need for content also encouraged me to pursue as many events as possible, and have wrestled a very busy schedule this year because of that. I’ve really put forth a lot of effort into my career to the point where now between training, events, and constant promotion; I’ve very nearly had to devote my entire life to what I do. In this short time (5 months) I have seen positive results and the outlook is very bright. I definitely look forward to what the future holds and hope my fans join me in the journey!

Nowadays many wrestlers chose to maintain their social media outlets rather than create a website, you do both? What is the benefit of a traditional website versus using social media?

When I started the blog, it was intended to be a Facebook.com/RyanKiddPro exclusive. I just couldn’t find a comfortable way to publish my vision of the blog through Facebook; which led to the creation of the site. Posting to my site easily allows me to post links, photo, and video content without length or audience restrictions that you commonly find on social media outlets. Also, with the use of the website; I have developed a more keen sense in marketing and promotion through the use of analytics and merchandising. While using my personal domain has its benefits, it also comes with its own set of headaches as well. I choose to do both because I look to reach to all audiences, not just those with a specific social media account.

Through your newsletter have you been able to identify more clearly who your fanbase is?

To an extent, yes. Despite how it may seem, twenty-some weeks in and I still feel like I am in the feeling out process of establishing my brand and finding out what works and what doesn’t. It’s very much trial-and-error. My intention with the brand is to cater to every kind of wrestling fan, and I think it does that well as I’ve seen a very mixed audience respond and interact to the content as a result of that.

Do you feel it’s easier to merchandise to a broad audience or your specific fanbase?

I feel like most sports merchandise is essentially the same. I’m still in the process of finding out what sells and what my audience likes when it comes to designs and colors. In terms of what I decide to create and sell; I generally go for time tested memorabilia you would buy at any sort of event like a wrestling show and a design that will be most comfortable displaying.

What items do you currently have for sale?

I have Shirts (M-3X), Rally Towels, 8 variety of buttons, 20+ variety of 8×10 and 4×6 high gloss photos, 2 variety of rubber bracelets, and as a JayCal’s view exclusive; 2 variety of Ryan Kidd stickers will be released for sale next weekend (May 23rd & 24th) in Tijuana,MX! All item photos and purchase info at RyanKiddPro.blogspot.com

Where did you come up with the “Mr. Excitement” Moniker? Has it helped you to further establish your brand?

I didn’t come up with the name at all. Most long time Southern California Wrestling fans remember the original Mr. Excitement who began his career and made a name in the Southern California area for a majority of his career in promotions like PWG, RevPro, and AWS. Now known for his prominent role in work with another Southern California Wrestling Veteran; Scott Lost on ‘The 2econd Shift’ comic series. My name is in tribute to a great wrestler and friend. It has certainly helped me in establishing more of a character in the ring which, in turn has translated over to my brand; specifically merchandising.

What’s the deal with the Ryan Kidd Scavenger Hunts.

Once again, just something fun and different to help promote and give back to the fans. I have a lot of fans specifically in the San Diego area that have been following me for years. I can’t even describe what it means to have someone follow you and support you and what you love for years on end. That just boggles my mind. Again though, I feel like that sort of devotion often gets neglected by wrestlers and promoters. These fans are the sole reason that the events happen and are the reason I am able to continue doing what I do. When the people stop showing up, the events stop happening and nobody benefits from that. So rather than neglecting the very foundation of what it is I love, I contacted promoters for events I am apart of and began working on the very tedious yet rewarding process of creating and hiding exclusive prize packages with free tickets, merchandise and promotional material among other things. I give full details and the initial clue in my blog and give other clues throughout the day from my multiple social media pages. It’s turned out to be a pretty cool way to involve the fans in something fun and also interact more personally with whoever searches for and finds the VIP tickets, that’s certainly a fan I want to meet!

Where will you be next, how can people follow you?

I’ll be in Oceanside this weekend (16th) for SoCal Pro and in Tijuana every weekend until the end of May(23rd,24th, and 29th). Any additional event updates will be in my blog! New dates get added all the time.

Anyone interested in advertisement, Booking, or for Q&A Email me at RyanKidd0802@gmail.com

#CALternative 2 RAW
Earlier this year the #RAWlternatvie was an effort of several wrestling promotions to release some of their best matches to give folks who are tired of RAW an alternative. The first offering had matches from Smash Wrestling, A1 Wrestling, Inspire Pro Wrestling, Interspecies Wrestling, AAW Pro, Hoodlsam, and more. Contrarians have explained that they feel like people who would be most interested in watching this night of wrestling are already looking for alternatives to RAW. Steel Cage Radio created a concept of doing a specific California Wrestling Indie Alternative to RAW, (Not just SoCal, but all of California). I think it’s a novel concept and I’m personally looking forward to the end result and our very own Mike Draven will be apart of the hosting duties with Jeff Maverick. For promoters who are interested in taking part of this, they are accepting submissions for all California based promotions using www.wetransfer.com and sending them to dj@SteelCageRadio.com, there is a 2 GB limit.

United Wrestling Network
Age of Arrogance return to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood to wrestle against Matthew Scott and Douglas James, is it still the best day ever when Anderson Cruz alongside his manager Ty Matthews takes on Mike Dalite,also “Pretty” Peter Avalon squares off against Jakob Austin Young, Dan Joseph challenges the Television Champion Kevin Martenson, and in the Main Event the Heritage Champion Yuma defends against the Hobo in a Boxcar Brawl. Episodes of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood are being updated Saturday Mornings ahead of their airings on KDOC TV. CWFH has become home to a many new faces in Southern California. Powered by Patreon, the United Wrestling Network has over 33 hours of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. If you’re out of the markets of KDOC TV and YooToo America or just don’t have a DVR, this is the best way to stay up to date with CWFH. Episodes start as far back as July and are being updated all the time with the shows before they air on KDOC or YouToo. Occasionally they will post matches that have never aired on television that apart of the CWFH/NWAPro Wrestling Vault. Currently available for streaming are; RockNES Monsters defending the Hollywood Heritage Tag Titles against Natural Selection with Percy Pringle III and Los Luchas from June 26th 2010 in Yuma Arizona, Daniel Bryan vs. Sean “X-Pac” Waltman from November 11th 2007 in Peth Australia, and AJ Styles vs. Trent Barretta on June 14th 2014 at Port Hueneme California.

Upcoming Events in SoCal
Meet Rob Van Dam in Huntington Park, Saturday @ 11:00 AM
EWF in Rialto, Saturday @ 4:00 PM
AOW “Pride of the Ring” Night 1 in Palm Desert, Saturday @ 6:00 PM
SoCal Pro Wrestling “May Day” in Oceanside, Saturday @ 7:00 PM
NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling “Melee Tour 2015? in Lompoc, Saturday @ 7:00 PM
Santino Bros in Bell Gardens, Saturday @ 8:30 PM
UIPW in East Los Angeles, Ca Sunday @ 5:00 PM
FMLL in El Monte, Sunday @ 5:00 PM
AOW “Pride of the Ring” Night 2 in Palm Desert, Sunday @ 6:00 PM

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