SoCal Throwbacks Vol. 1: Older SoCal matches from Youtube

In this first edition of SoCal Throwbacks, we have a young Joey Kaos vs. Prime Time Peterson, Brian Kendrick when he was known as Spanky vs. Disco Machine, B-Boy & Lil’ Cholo vs. Joey Ryan & Scott Lost, Michael Modest vs. Donovan Morgan, The Prototype (who some people might know as this guy named John Cena) vs. CW Anderson, and Super Dragon vs. Low Ki.

Joey Kaos vs. Prime Time Peterson – GSWA in 1995

Here’s a young Joey Kaos years before he was in XPW going up against Prime Time Peterson in a match from 1995.

Rev J Tournament Match: Spanky (Brian Kendrick) vs. Disco Machine – Revolution Pro 2001

Another match featuring a trainer at the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy, this time, Spanky aka Brian Kendrick going up against Disco Machine from Revolution Pro’s Rev J tournament in 2001.

B-Boy & Lil’ Cholo vs. Joey Ryan & Scott Lost – AWS 2002

A very early AWS match from the Frank & Sons days, as B-Boy & Lil’ Cholo take on Joey Ryan & Scott Lost

Michael Modest vs. Donovan Morgan – XPW 1999

From an early XPW event, Michael Modest takes on Donovan Morgan.

The Prototype (John Cena) vs. CW Anderson – UPW 2000

Before he was in the WWE, John Cena started out in UPW as The Prototype. In this match, he takes on ECW veteran CW Anderson.

Super Dragon vs. Low Ki – MPW 2001

A vintage SoCal Dream Match, as SoCal’s own Super Dragon takes on east coast star Low Ki in a classic match from 2001.

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