XPW announces its first show in Los Angeles in 19 years

The relaunched XPW and Rob Black have confirmed the date for their first event in the Los Angeles area in nearly 19 years. The event, titled Killifornia, will be taking place on January 22, 2022.

XPW’s Killifornia will be the first XPW show in Southern California since March 1, 2003, and will feature the return of the King of the Deathmatch Tournament. The winner will be awarded the King of the Deathmatch championship belt.

During their original run from 1999 to 2003, the King of the Deathmatch Tournament was XPW’s signature event. Supreme won the inaugural tournament in June 2000 and was crowned the first XPW King of the Deathmatch Champion. Supreme held the title four times in total and was champion when the promotion shut down in 2003.

Rob Black announced the return of XPW earlier this year, with its first event, Rebirth, to take place in Rochester, NY, on November 7, 2021. The return of XPW TV has also been announced, with the show to air weekly on Fite.TV.

Wrestlers announced for Rebirth include Mance Warner, Shlak, Atticus Cogar, G-Raver, Colby Corino, Masada, Eric Ryan, Bill Collier, Matthew Justice, and Eddy Only, Kevin Bennett, and Jake Crist.

XPW held its first event on July 31, 1999, and was the largest drawing wrestling promotion in Southern California of the early 2000s, regularly drawing over 1,000 fans. The promotion closed its doors in 2003 when Rob Black was indicted on obscenity charges due to pornographic material produced by XPW’s parent company, Extreme Associates.

Several XPW reunion shows were held in the mid-2000s, but Rob Black was not involved in those events and does not consider them part of the official XPW history.

No venue has been announced for Killifornia. Both XPW’s return show, Rebirth, and Killifornia will be available on Fite.TV as a pay-per-view.

Here is the event’s poster:

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