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Is Vince Retarded?

Is Vince McMahon retarded? I know, I know, Vince is God, Vince started everything, Hogan, Austin, all Vince’s idea. Yes, Vince indeed gets credit for being the guru of professional wrestling that he is. But is that once great wrestling mind gone? If you can’t tell already, I’m fuming about the heel turn of “Stone […]


I could sit here and write my first column about UPW’s new five day rule, or about how lame’s message board has become, or WWF buying WCW, but all these topics seem beat to death. As opposed to sitting here and giving some lame fucking analysis of a local indy show, or discussing how […]


For those of you that don’t know me (you probably don’t), I am Jason McCord, a referee for Revolution Pro Wrestling in Santa Fe Springs. Some of you have probably seen my “outspoken” posts on, but pretty much censors their whole board. If the moderators see something they don’t like, they will probably […]

XPW Challenge?

XPW seems to be the fed everyone loves to hate. People say that it is “garbage wrestling”, “it’s porn”, “the storylines are horrible”, “it’s a shame to wrestling”, and everything else under the sun. Personally the last XPW show I attended was D-Day in May 2000. Almost one year ago. The show for lack of […]


“We the people, the occupiers of atoms collected by thoughts of eternal benevolence, hereby reject any law or authority that utilizes borders” – Corporate Avenger     Uncensored. You hear that word so much, but is it ever really true? MTV Uncensored covered boobies with black outs and bleeped bad words. DDP could say “shit” on WCW […]