I would like to express deep grief over the recent passing of Carol O’ Connor and Jack Lemmon. Both of these men were and still are some of the greatest actors to ever grace the silver screen and television. I remember while growing up- my folks used to put on All In The Family and I’d be spellbound by what I saw. Archie Bunker was a character that revolutionized the way we watch television, and the way we saw ourselves. Mr. O’ Connor will be missed, thanks for the memories, Archie.

Jack Lemmon was already in his mid to late 60’s when I began watching his work. His work with the great Walter Matthau, was always something special. Their onscreen chemistry was just pure magic. Mr Lemmon and Mr O’Connor will forever be remembered as individuals who contributed immensely to entertainment. The world is less brighter without these two individuals around. Rest in Peace friends, you will live in our hearts forever. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these two fine actors. Send me an email at