Steve’s View #12

The next few weeks are going to be huge in SoCal. When we look back on the wrestling in 2001, the next 9 days are sure to come to mind. First today, weirdly enough a primarily NoCal fed, Incredibly Strange Wrestling will kick things off at the Warped Tour. The next day will bring us Rev Pro with Round 5 of the Spirit of Revolution and Matt Sinister vs. The Blue Meanie. EWF is going to bust out two shows that day. Maybe the biggest of all the shows is the return of CCW, featuring Konnan. And of course WPW will run on Sunday at the Anehiem Marketplace.

The next weekend will bring us the finals of the Spirit of Revolution and XPW’s Rapture. Two shows that will surely be talked about for some time.

Of course as Lonnie talks about in some depth in his most recent column, the next 9 days are just the begining of a July that should kick start SoCal Wrestling into high gear. And Revolution J hasn’t even been talked about yet.

It was great to see Fallen Angel Chris Daniels at UPW on the 26th, even if only for a short promo. Chris Daniels is going to be heading back to Michinoku Pro in July and will be bringing Curry Man back.

Speaking of Japan I’d like to send congratulations to Mike Modest and Donvan Morgan. “The Natural One” Michael Modest, current APW Universal Heavyweight Champion and Stampede Wrestling Pacific Heavyweight Champion and “The Future Legend” Donovan Morgan, current APW Worldwide Internet Champion have been signed to compete in the next Pro-Wrestling NOAH Japanese tour. The tour should span the month of July from the 12th to the 27th.

So I guess their shot at Evolution’s UPW tag titles is off until August.

I’m getting better at linking things to the next subject so everything doesn’t seem so random…

14 of the 16 wrestlers in APW’s King of the Indies tournament have been selected. Of those 14 only 4 names have been released. Super Dragon is not one of the fourteen names. There are still two spots available so hopefully Super Dragon will still be able to make it in. I think it would be a shame if he isn’t there.

On the 27th former UPW superstar Prototype, now in OVW teamed with Mr. Black against Big Show and Mark Henry on OVW’s Last Dance show in what was said to be a good match. I find it amazing any match with Big Show and Mark Henry would be called good, but its great to see Prototype get closer and closer to the WWF.

Doesn’t it seem like in September there are more monsters than normal? If we ever needed a hero then would be the time

That about wraps it up for this week, cryptic messages and all. Don’t forget to buy a shirt and check out the Events and Results forum for all the latest cards and results.


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