Hi . By the way ……. So-Cal is # 1 ! ……. let me give you a little bit of a sample….. . Cinncinati Red & “Mad Dog ” Joe Kimball are in England ! Samoa Joe & Keiji Sakoda are fresh from Japan (Meltzer say’s ” Samoa Joe & Keiji Sakoda of UPW beat Katsumi Usuda & Yuki Ishikawa of Batllearts. Joe threw some really good suplexes and did a lot of submissions ……he did well – Wrestling Observer June 25th 2001 ) Congrats to Joe and Ryan . Tech IX ( Byron McKinney) and ” The Ladies Man ” ( John Hannah ) are on the Vans ” Warped” tour 2 nd stage! Rev Pro invading the World ! Konan @ CCW 6-30 . XP dub ! MP dub ! Lakers just won the N.B.A Title !


Ok . Fredddie Valentine vs. The Aligator. The Aligator was high as a kite. Poor guy. Maybe he wasnt. After all, Fred came out and told us that the aligator wouldnt be high . So who do I believe? I had a good time there. JERYN ( my son ) & I went , had a good time … sat with Joe & Byron … just sat there and watched ,intently ,eagerly ….waiting…for the crock. I thought that Allgood vs. Pinoy was the best . Pinoy was good and shining for his experience level. Allgood was good . Saw him miss a spot and I knew it was cuz he’s been going out too much and livin it up with ladies of San Dog deep into the night . . .Red Bull Jay…Red Bull !

I never knew Kevin -MAC- Chip Adams was so famous in San Dog The guy was all over the news in San Diego. Why? Dude needs a charisma transplant! He he. Actually hung out with him one night and watched some tapes. We had fun. People get Best of Backyard wrestling 1 & 2. Great party video !

Wish I was on the ol’ CCW shows at the school looked like it was HOTTT !!!!

Props to Matt Sinister. I have heard a lot of good words about him …hes hung in there and paid his dues. I remember Matt from the ol’ G.S.W.A days’ . . . . Matt was a true heel & a guy with a lot of skills !

Continued sucess dood !

Been watching some tapes lately and I got to say that a true legend in So Cal is Bobby Bradley jr. This guy is a true talent. He has credentials second to no one on the scene. I have lost contact with him in the past few years, but Bobby is a character. Funny dude ! Always workin ‘ hard in the squared circle…..

that brings me to my conclusion. We should start a socal Hall of Fame. Is that idea cool ?

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“Prime Time ” Peterson

ps….just talked to The Ladies Man ( John Hannah) & hes on the Warped Tour that rolls through So -Cal Friday the 29th. He says the tour is going good. Average crowd seems to be in the 300 range. Tech IX is doing well and both guys are getting over great.

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