Steve’s View #13

The big show this weekend is XPW’s Rapture. It now appears that Vampiro should be able to work the show. If that is the case the main event should be Vampiro challenging Messiah for the XPW title. The other announced matches are Kid Kaos vs. Supreme in a deathmatch, Angel vs. Lady Victoria in a bra and panties match, and Major Gunns vs. Lizzy Borden. As stated on our main page look for Super Dragon and Rising Son to be in the opening match again, most likely in a 3 way dance with NOSAWA.

Revolution Pro will also be running on Saturday. In what was originally going to be the show that had the finals to the Spirit of Revolution tournament has now been changed. The Super Dragon vs. Rising Son match has been pushed back to the 14th. The special Spirit of the Revolution tag match with Excalibur and Mr. Excitement vs. Shogun and El Gallinero will still take place on the 7th and also King Faviano and Jason Allgood vs. Matt Sinister and a mystery partner. Without having Super Dragon and Rising Son scheduled to wrestle it will be interesting to see what Revolution Pro fills the card with.

The Revolution Pro this Saturday will be special even without the finals of the SOTR taking place. There are a few things that are the signatures of every indy fed. Things that make the fed what it is. Any fed can book all of the wrestlers from Revolution Pro and that fed still will not be Revolution Pro. While the wrestlers are the main part of any federation, while they are what people come to see. They are not the intangibles that define a federation.

Jason McCord is one of those things. If you see Jason McCord in the ring, you know you are at a Rev Pro show. What would a recent Revolution Pro show be without a “Chop McCord” chant? He is the referee everyone loves to hate.

Well, Jason McCord is hanging up his referee shirt and retiring from wrestling. That may make some happy, and others won’t care, but love or hate McCord, Revolution Pro will not be the same without him.

WWF’s Lita will be at the San Diego Sports Arena at 10:00 AM on Saturday as tickets for August 5th’s house show go on sale. She will be signing autographs and greeting everyone who comes out to get their WWF tickets.


I have gotten a lot of e-mails and there is a thread about this on the message board so here are the details as of now.

OK, here is the deal. Something is in the works to bring Tobita to SoCal for a few shows. Nothing has been finalized yet. Everything should take place in September. Once everything has been finalized all the information will be made available. As it stands right now he will be doing at least 2 shows. One of which will be an exclusive show that tickets will not be for sale to. We still haven’t decided how we will distribute tickets for that. Also as it stands right now he will be bringing his opponent with him. I should have more information in a few days. Hope this helps. Remember, nothing is final yet.

That about wraps it up for this time. Don’t forget to buy a shirt and check out the Events and Results forum for all the latest cards and results.


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