Strange Tales #1

Welcome to my first column. Hopefully I can add something unique to the scene.

Previews, Previews, Previews…

Brawl at the Beach
Saturday, June 30th
Beach Recreation Center
301 N. The Strand Oceanside, Ca. 92054
Bell time 7:00 p.m.

Triple Main Event

Barbed Wire Ring Match
CCW Hardcore Championship
“Wild Thing” Eric Studd Vs. “Crayz

I don’t know much about Studd but Crayz is a very good wrestler and maybe the best hardcore wrestler in SoCal outside of XPW (I know I will get flames for this but Supreme, Sabu, etc are better in my opinion). Barbwire matches were a big thing a few years ago, but now everyone does them. This match will be bloody for fans of that kind of action. Not knowing a lot about Studd it is hard for me to predict how good this match will be.

Konnan vs. Al Katrazz

This match really depends on if Konnan shows up to work. Al Katrazz is becoming one of the better workers in SoCal and a good match here will only help him. I just don’t think Konnan will try and that will kill this match. If Konnan isn’t lazy and works it will be a very good match.

CCW Heavyweight Championship
“Radiant” Jason Redondo vs. Big Vicious

Jason Redondo can be very good. Big Vicious is very bad. Redondo won’t be able to carry Vicious to a good match and this match will suck.


CCW Tag Team Championship
B-Boy & Matrix vs. The Lost Boys

Should be the best match on the card. The Lost Boys are very good for as new as they are, and everyone should know how good B-Boy is. Matrix is a decent worker who could be really good with more experience. He just doesn’t seem to work enough to get that experience. Match of the night.

CCW Cruiserweight Title Match
“Primetime” Peterson vs. The Spanish Fly

The Spanish Fly is old school CCW. Everyone used to think he was one of the Dynamics or Demento. Funny how same time Matrix debuted the Spanish Fly disappeared. This match really depends on who is in that Spanish Fly costume. It could be a newcomer to CCW or one of the vetrans mentioned before. If it is one of the vetrans the match should be decent. Primetime rarely delivers a bad match.

Goalie Howe vs. “New Comer” So Cal Loco

Don’t know either wrestler. The match will most likely be a throw away.

Also appearing:
Lady Victoria
“Big Ass” Jason Cash
CCW Security Luis

Price for the tickets are: $10.00 Floor $15.00 V.I.P. Ringside
Tickets on sale at: The Beach Recreation Center For info call (760) 435-5229 or go to

*Card subject to Change*


Spirit of the Revolution Stage 3 – EN FUEGO
June 16, 2001, Norwalk Indoor Swapmeet
[11600 E. Alondra Blvd., Norwalk, CA]
Doors – 4:30p, Belltime – 5:00p

SOTR Tournament Matches – Stage 3
Super Dragon (3 Pts.) VS El Gallinero (3 Pts.)

Super Dragon is the best wrestler in SoCal. He proved that once again last week by carrying Shogun to the best match of his career. My money says he will do that again with El Gallinero. This match will be lower than normal standards for Dragon, but higher than normal standards for most indy matches.

Rising Son (3 Pts.) VS Shogun (0 Pts.)

Lets see if Rising Son can carry Shogun the way Super Dragon did last week. When guys like Super Dragon and Rising Son are off making money in pro-wrestling, guys like Shogun and Gallinero will be the stars of Revolution Pro. If Shogun continues along like he is he may fit that roll nicely in a couple of years. Another good match.

Mr. Excitement (6 Pts.) VS Excalibur (3 Pts.)

This should be the best match on the card. A win by Excitement will almost guarentee himself a spot in the finals. Both of these guys are very good workers and this match may possibly be the surprise of the tournament. Should be a good match.

Main Event
Matt Sinister/King Faviano VS Disco Machine/B-Boy

I heard this match has been changed. What would be the sense of putting Sinister against two guys who should be working with lightweights? Since it appears to be changed I won’t comment further.


Thats it for now. Look for Strange Tales #2 later this week for more previews including UPW.

The Stranger