Level Up rebrands to San Diego Pro Wrestling Academy

This past Saturday, at their Broken Ties event, Level Up Pro Wrestling School announced they are rebranding to San Diego Professional Wrestling Academy effective immediately. This move comes on the heels of former head trainer B-Boy’s exit from the school.

On May 10, 2023, the school announced that “effective immediately, Benny Cuntapay, aka BBoy, has been released from all his duties and would no longer be associated with Level Up Pro Wrestling. We will continue to move forward and provide a safe environment for our students, staff, and fans.”

SoCalUNCENSORED was advised that the separation was due to the school’s zero-tolerance policy on any type of inappropriate behavior. The policy was instituted after Hunter Freeman, who was an instructor at the school, was accused of at least three sexual assaults last year, including by the school’s co-owner Amy Jarmon, who testified against Freeman in court.

The incident that led to B-Boy’s departure from the school happened on May 6, 2023, at an event at Mavericks in San Diego. An eighteen-year-old female, who is the daughter of the school’s co-owner, made a complaint that B-Boy inappropriately touched her. When the matter was addressed with B-Boy, people who were at the meeting confirmed that B-Boy claimed that it was unintentional and he was trying to move her out of his way.

During the Level Up management meeting, B-Boy acknowledged the school’s zero-tolerance policy and agreed to depart the school. After the meeting, B-Boy’s wife, who is listed on the school’s business license, was locked out of the company accounts.

The school’s lease is in co-owner Jarmon’s name, and she also owns the ring. She is in the process of being removed from Level Up LLC and is partnering with Bad Dude Tito Escondido in the San Diego Professional Wrestling Academy. 

The eighteen-year-old woman also filed a temporary restraining order against B-Boy and it was served on May 12. B-Boy has not publicly commented on the matter

Level Up Pro Wrestling was established in 2018 with B-Boy as the face of the school, and it quickly became one of the premiere wrestling schools in Southern California. NXT’s Edris Enofe and WWE’s Dominick Mysterio trained at the school. 

All of the existing trainers and students from Level Up will be transferring to the new San Diego Pro Wrestling Academy. The school is hosting mandatory sexual harassment training this week for all students and staff.

San Diego Professional Wrestling Academy will be holding their next event on July 8, 2023.

[Note: SoCalUNCENSORED has a policy of not naming sexual assault victims unless they have already gone public or they have given express permission to list their name.]

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