Level Up – 11 June 2022 – Results

J2 Mattioli defeated Cameron August in a ladder match to with the Level Up Championship in the main event of the promotion’s Drop It Like Its Hot on June 11, 2022. Click for full results from the event.

Level Up
Drop It Like Its Hot
June 11, 2022
Level Up Pro Wrestling School
La Mesa, CA

Mike Camden over Bamboo via Superplex. (07:13.12)

Enterprise over SDC and Artorias via Knee Driver to SDC. (08:34.31)

Sexy Fabrizio over DTF (Darren Troy Fable) via Sleeper Hold in a Hair versus Hair Match. (13:07.96)

Jordan Cruz over B-Boy via Heel Hook. (15:40.84)

“The Black Rose” Ju Dizz over “The M.A.W” Micheal Hopkins via school boy roll up to retain the Ground Zero Championship. (15:24.63)

Leo Cañedo over Flama De Oro via Tombstone Piledriver. (09:57.95)

Holy Storm over The Block via The Great Flood to Xander Phillips. (10:49.25)

“The Playmaker” J2 Mattioli over Cameron August in a ladder match to win the Level Up Championship. (20:07.48)

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