Level Up – 05 February 2022 – Results

Hunter Freeman versus J2 Mattioli went to a time limit draw in the main event of Level Up’s February 5 event in La Mesa. Click for full results.

Level Up Pro Wrestling
February 5, 2022
Level Up Pro Wrestling School
La Mesa, CA

SDC over Remi Morgan.

Jordan Oasis over Miggy Rose.

Jordan Cruz over Adrian Quest.

Ju Dizz won the Terrdome Rumble.
-Final 2 were Ju Dizz and Sexy Fabrizio.
-Michael Hopkins was in the rumble the longest.
-B-Boy was a surprise entrant, marking his Level Up in-ring return.

Hunter Freeman vs. J2 Mattioli went to a time limit draw.

Notes: Jeff Roth, CDC, and Bishop Thunderbird all made their pro-wrestling debuts at the event.

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