SBWA: Up All Night – 10 May 2019 – Results

The third SBWA: Up All Night taping was held on May 10 in Bell Gardens. Click for spoilers to the YouTube series.

SBWA: Up All Night
Up All Night 3
May 10, 2019
Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy
Bell Gardens, CA

Dom Kubrick over Slice Boogie.

Koto Hiro over Ray Romero Jr.

The Man Who Grabs the Sun over Thomas Quentin.

Lucas Riley over Milo Matters.

Che Cabrera over Hyde.

Jesse James over Gaius Tantalus (Drunken Master).

Cameron Gates over Andy Brown.

Note: These events are taped exclusively for the Santino Bros. YouTube channel and tickets to the event are not available to the public.

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