WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS February 1, 2019 – review

The first two episodes of WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV have been really good. The storylines are easy to follow, they have done a great job at introducing characters, and the presentation is top notch. With the third episode, we are going to be seeing some characters wrestle a second time. Will the show continue its great start? Let’s find out.

Tonight’s episode starts off with a recap of the feud between Tessa Blanchard and Santana Garrett. After a lineup of the night’s matches, there’s a package to introduce Faith the Lioness. This was short but good.

The Beast vs. Faith the Lioness

Faith the Lioness comes out with two backup dancers and before entering the ring she does of a performance of what I can only guess is one of her songs. Faith actually is in control early, but after a shoulder tackle, this was pretty much all Beast. Everything Faith had any hope of a comeback Beast cut it off pretty much immediately. Faith went for and enzuguri late and it looked like The Beast just swatted it away. The announcers did a good job of selling that Faith was holding her own, keeping her strong in what was basically a squash match. The Beast hit a powerbomb for the win.

After the match, they actually showed the announcers. I feel like outside of David McLane this has been the first time they’ve actually been on camera this season.

The Disciplinarian vs. Fire

The Disciplinarian was accompanied to the ring by Samantha Smart, whose gimmick is being… well, smart. Fire (Kiera Hogan) is the first wrestler to have a second match on WOW so far this season, though Abeline Maverick and Khloe Hurtz will join her later tonight. This was pretty even with both wrestlers trading off turns on offense. Fire is really good. Samantha Smart hit Fire in the hand with a giant ruler at one point, but Fire recovered. Late, The Disciplinarian had Fire in a Fireman’s carry (which I imagine is a huge insult) but Fire reversed it into a roll-up for the pin.

Next, there is a knock on the Psycho Sister’s dressing room door and Razor comes out. She cuts a really good promo that introduces not only herself but also Fury. She says a storm is coming and they are heading straight to the top. The Psycho Sisters are sort of homage to the Heavy Metal Sisters from the original GLOW, right down to the makeup.

Fury vs. Chantilly Chella

After a commercial, Shaul Guerrero is in the ring and introduces the Psycho Sisters. Chantilly Chella (Ray Lyn) is billed as being from the Coachella Music Festival. Chella has a ton of charisma and is pretty solid in the ring. Chella controlled the match early but the tide turned after interference by Razor. Fury pretty much overpowered Chella after that. The announcer team put over that Holidead would be appearing next week on WOW during the match. Chella did make a comeback late and almost got a pin but Razor put Fury’s foot on the rope. Fury hit her finisher for the win. This was good. After the match, Razor and Fury beat Chella down and tossed her from the ring.

After a commercial, we catch up with Tessa Blanchard as she explains why she attacked Santana Garrett’s dad.  She tells Jungle Girl “you’re welcome” for costing her a chance at winning the title too. This was another great promo by Tessa Blanchard. So far they’ve done a great job building to the championship match.

Khloe Hurtz vs. Abeline Maverick

They showed a recap of the back-story to this match, and it was insane. The feud started over spilled ice cream. The Hurtz (Katie Forbes) got tossed into a swimming pool. Hurtz retaliated by giving Maverick’s (Barbi Hayden) boyfriend ice cream. Maverick didn’t like that so she hit a pie in Hurtz’ face. To settle the score they had a “rats match” where if Maverick won she would select some people from Texas to join Hurtz’ ring rats, and if Hurtz won she got Maverick’s boyfriend. Maverick won and selected hillbillies to join the ring rats causing Hurtz to dry heave in the ring. All this lead to tonight’s rematch.

They traded off offense in this, each taking turns in control. Abeline Maverick really does a great job with her facial expressions. It seemed like Maverick would have longer sustained periods on offense while Hurtz’ came in short bursts. The finish saw Hurtz hit Maverick with a boot to the face followed by a tornado DDT. Hurtz looked solid in this but the tornado DDT looked a little clunky.

This was the first episode not to with something going on in the ring they had to cut away from due to time running out. This was another good episode, though I thought overall it was the weakest of the three. The Tessa Blanchard versus Santana Garrett stuff is the most compelling thing on the show so far, and this was light on that. The background on the main event was explained, but the storyline was so ridiculous it was hard to care, plus both of the wrestlers come off as heels.

WOW is doing a great job introducing characters still. Both Faith the Lioness and the Psycho Sisters had great introductions. I don’t know if it has been toned down, or if he has just grown on me, but David McLane has been a lot better on commentary after the first episode. The production is great, especially the character packages. Overall this show has been a lot of fun three episodes in.

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