Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 15: The Hunted Review

David Arquette’s favorite wrestling writer takes a look at this week’s episode of Lucha Underground featuring Fenix vs. Aerostar, and Pentagon Dark vs. King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes in the main event.

Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 15: The Hunted

As usual, we start with a recap of past events from previous episodes. Most of it centred around Fenix’s character development. After the video, we see some shots of Downtown LA before heading inside the Ice Temple. Matt Striker and Vampiro welcomed fans to the show and talked about what we were going to see before sending things to Melissa to introduce the opening match.

Fenix vs. Aerostar

Melissa Santos looked upset as Fenix made his entrance due to him shoving her last week. Fenix continued to act like he was possessed by something. Before the match, the show went to a commercial break after five minutes of being on air. After a four-minute break, the match began.

Fenix would let out a scream to start the match. It was the first sign of emotion he had shown since his rebirth. The match was a blend of Lucha spots mixed in with heavy character work from Fenix. Melissa would be shown multiple times with looks of concern on her face. When the match spilled outside of the ring, Fenix walked past her and scared her. The action would go back-and-forth before Fenix hit the Black Fire Driver for the win.

After the match, Fenix attacked Aerostar as Melissa pleaded with him to stop. Following the attack, she tried to reason with Fenix to get some help. Fenix would leave the ring and grabbed Melissa before Dragon Aztec, Jr. came to her rescue. Fenix then charged at Dragon Azteca and gave him a Black Fire Driver onto the floor. Matt Striker then mentioned on commentary that Dragon Azteca’s match was next. The show would go to commercial as Melissa called for a medic.

After a commercial break, several medics were checking on Dragon Azteca, Jr. Antonio Cueto then emerged from his office and addressed the crowd on the mic. He said Dragon Azteca was in no condition to compete, declared a forfeit, and was going to award Gift of the Gods Championship to Marty “The Moth” Martinz. Dragon Azteca, Jr. got up and said he would defend his title despite being in pain. Melissa looked unhappy about Marty being in the match and gave him a very unenthusiastic introduction.

Gift of the Gods Championship Match: Dragon Azteca, Jr. (c) vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez

Dragon Azteca would sell the attack from Fenix during the match. Marty was in control early in the match before Dragon Azteca made a quick comeback before being cut off by Marty. The match had a pretty simple heel vs. face formula. Marty worked at a slower pace, and Dragon Azteca used his high-flying and speed advantage to get the better of Marty. After some back-and-forth action, Marty The Moth got the win to become the Gift of the Gods Champion.

After a commercial break, Paul London visits with the White Rabbit. Paul London tells him he sacrificed the other members of the Rabbit Tribe as a show of loyalty to the White Rabbit. The White Rabbit then asked Paul Londo to show him and El Bunny the way to the Ice Temple. They teleported away as the show headed back to the Ice Temple where Melissa introduced the main event. King Cuerno, Mil Muertes, and Pentagon Dark made their entrances before the show went to a commercial break.

Three Way Dance – Lucha Underground Championship Match: Pentagon Dark (c) vs. King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes

After a commercial break, the match began. Pentagon Dark and King Cuerno went after Mil Muertes to start the match, but Mil Muertes was able to get the upper hand on both of them. Pentagon and Cuerno mounted a comeback and sent Mil Muertes to the outside. Cuerno would go for a dive but was kicked by Pentagon, who then hit a dive of his own. The three men would brawl outside of the ring, and Mil Muertes would rip the mask of Pentagon Dark. Pentagon would try to fight back before he was hip tossed into the bleachers.

The action would head back into the ring, with everyone having one-on-one sequences with each other. The finishing stretch would see Pentagon Dark hitting two lung blowers on Mil Muertes, and a Package Piledriver on King Cuerno to retain the title.

After the match, Marty The Moth ran into the ring and attacked Pentagon Dark from behind. He would pick up the Lucha Underground Championship and laid Pentagon out with it. Antonio Cueto would emerge from his office again and waived off the week’s notice rule to cash in the Gift of the Gods Championship for a Lucha Underground Championship match, and made it so it can be exchanged whenever. Antonio asked Marty if he wanted a match, and the match began.

Lucha Underground Championship Match: Pentagon Dark (c) vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez

The bell would ring, and Marty went straight for a pin. Marty would pin Pentagon several more times looking for a quick win, but Pentagon kept kicking out. Marty then tied Pentagon Dark’s mask to the ropes and beat up on him for a few moments. Pentagon Dark would mount a comeback and hit a Mexican Destroyer, but Marty would roll out of the ring. Chelsea Green then entered the ring and hit Pentagon Dark with a Canadian Destroyer. Marty would return to the ring and hit a Package Piledriver on Pentagon Dark for the win and to become the new Lucha Underground Champion.

After the match, Chelsea Green and Marty The Moth celebrated inside the ring to end the episode.

Final Thoughts

This was one of the better episodes of Lucha Underground this season. The opening match seemed sloppy, but was still good. The three way dance was fun as well. I don’t really care for the Marty The Moth stuff, but aside from that, this was a good show.

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