Lucha Underground News and Notes 02/03

Another WWE legend tweets about Lucha Underground. Could another big star be leaving after Season 2 to the WWE? Updates with Lucha Underground after this season.  Who wrestled a dark match at the Temple and what does that mean, plus where can you see Lucha Underground Talent locally this weekend.

It should be noted that Steve Austin had first hand experience in working with Son of Havoc (Matt Cross) and Ivelisse from their time on Season 5 of Tough Enough. Interestingly enough Martin Casaus aka Marty “The Moth” Martinez also appeared on that episode of Tough Enough.

Rumors are that the WWE, more specifically Triple H has had a sit down meeting with Lucha Underground’s Prince Puma. Obviously this is just a rumor. But it wouldn’t be the first time someone from Lucha Underground went to the WWE. El Patron shocked the world at Summerslam to defeat John Cena for the WWE’s United States Championship in Los Angeles. Could Prince Puma be NXT?

It also seems that the El Rey Network is happy with the buzz spreading around with Lucha Underground that they’ve already agreed to start a third season with the show beginning to film this Summer. After season one there was a lot of uncertainties of the status of the show. The show is set to debut soon in Canada. Additionally, the show will also be made available via iTunes in a few months.

TJ Perkins worked a dark match against Pentagon Jr. prior to the tapings on Saturday January 30th. When Season 3 tapes, it could be very interesting to see if Perkins, the previously mentioned Tessa Blanchard and Sami Callahan (formerly WWE’s Solomon Crowe).  TJ is free and clear of his contract from TNA, which would allow him to begin working immediately for Lucha Underground.

If you’re in the San Diego area this weekend you can check out Ricky Mandel (Lucha Underground’s Trece), he will be taking on Rookie of the Year Nominee Ju Dizz at SoCal Pro’s Gold Fever