Lucha Underground News & Notes 01/21

This weeks news and notes includes WWE Legend putting over Lucha Underground, upcoming autograph signings, and Konnan talks about Lucha Underground, and more.

Konnan on Lucha Underground
Konnan recently did an interview with Marc Madison where he goes into breaking into Wrestling, AAA, Eddie Guerrero, Super Astro, Rey Misterio Sr., ECW, and Lucha Undergound. If you’re a fan of Lucha Libre, this is a great read. It’s incredible because you know what Rey Mysterio and Juventud and Psychosis and all those guys did, Hector Garza did back in 1997 in WCW to me was the forbearer of what we are seeing here today in Lucha Underground, fifteen years later. This is what happened and the most beautiful part for me is when I came to WCW and I talked to Kevin Sullivan and Eric Bischoff about bringing in Luchadores it was an all Mexican thing. They were all Mexicans and when you look at Lucha Underground you have Puerto Ricans, Blacks, and White Boys you’ve got everybody now doing Lucha Libre. That is so beautiful to me. The thing is Chris DeJoseph Eric Van Wagenen, John Fogelman, the guys that run the show, I don’t think they have ever done anything Lucha related and they aren’t latino, which was a huge concern for me. But unlike, Bischoff, Dixie, Jarrett and Vince, they have a profound respect and pride in the Mexico heritage and lucha libre and they are very open minded and great to work with plus I would be remiss if I did not thank the behind the scene latinos who support this 100% Dorian Roldan, Antonio Cue and Alex Garcia.”

40 Hour Marathon
Starting January 23rd Lucha Underground will be taking over El Rey with a 40 Hour Marathon of the Complete first Season of Lucha Underground. This is your last chance to get caught up prior to the Season 2 premiere on El Rey. El Rey can be seen on DirecTV CH 341, Time Warner CH 145, Dish CH 253 please visit El Rey to find your provider

Upcoming Autograph Signings
The Guru of Greatness, Johnny Mundo, star of Lucha Underground will be at the Wrestling Guy Store located at 6085 State St. in Huntington Park to take part in Photo Ops and Autograph signings. Only 10 limited VIP Packages are available for $50 which include exclusive Wrestling Guy Store 8×10 (signed), an exclusive Wrestling Guy Store Mini Poster (signed), a professional photop op and early entry to the event. VIP holders can substitute the Wrestling Guy Store 8×10 for their own item signed by Morison. Ala carte prices are $20 per Autographed item, $20 for Photo Ops (with your personal camera/phone) or a combo of the both for $35. Next Friday January 29th Lucha Underground star Sexy Star at 7p

411 Mania Release Lucha Underground Cards
Promotional Material for Lucha Underground Season 2 are starting to appear on all over social media. 411Mania released exclusively on their Instagram Account the photos of Mil Muertes, Catrina, Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havoc. These are all pretty cool. No word if they’re going to every be physically available, but they’d make excellent collectibles if they ever did.

Credit: 411Mania