Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 18: Spiders and Skeletons Review

Pentagon Dark faces Reklusa, The Mack and Dragon Azteca, Jr. face Mil Muertes and Fenix, and more on this week’s Lucha Underground.

Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 18: Spiders and Skeletons

We start off, as always, with a video recap of what has happened in previous episodes. Inside the Ice Temple, Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome the audience to the show. Mil Muertes and Fenix are facing The Mack and Dragon Azteca, Jr. in a tag team match, and Reklusa will face Pentagon Dark.

After the introduction, Taya was inside the ring and called out Antonio Cueto. He would emerge from his office, and she demanded a match with Matanza Cueto. Antonio then booked a Sacrifice to the Gods match between them.

Sacrifice to the Gods: Matanza Cueto vs. Taya

Antonio would watch the match from ringside and shown on camera a few times reacting to the action. The match started off with Taya getting an early advantage. After a quick flurry of offense, Matanza mounted a comeback. The action would go back-and-forth with Taya and Matanza countering each other’s offense. Johnny Mundo would run in and attacked Matanza. As a result, the match ended in a disqualification. Since there was a DQ, there would be no sacrifice.

Mundo continued his attack for a bit before he went to check on Taya. Matanza would stand in the ring staring at Taya and Johnny as the show went to a commercial break.

After a commercial break, we return to the Ice Temple. Matt Striker announced Johnny Mundo will face Matanza Cueto in a Sacrifice tot he Gods match at Ultima Lucha Quatro. Once Striker and Vampiro went over the card, it was time for the next match.

Tornado Tag Team Match: The Mack & Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Mil Muertes & Fenix

Melissa had a different tone in her voice as she introduced Fenix. All four men would brawl to start the match before the match turned into a series of one-on-one sequences. The action would go back-and-forth throughout the match. Fenix and Mil would have some tension between each other, possibly stemming from Catrina’s spirit being in Fenix’s body.

At one point in the match, Fenix accidentally hit a cameraman at ringside. The fans then chanted for the cameraman. Mil and Fenix got the win after they hit their finishing moves on Mack and Dragon Azteca and pinned them.

After a commercial break, Melissa Santos introduced Famous B and Beautiful Brenda. He talked about Johnny Mundo’s wedding and the attack by Matanza. Famous B then announced he was coming out of retirement before Ricky Mundo interrupted him. This would lead to a match between them.

Ricky Mundo vs. Famous B

Matt Striker would mention that Famous B was trained at Santino Bros. Wrestling. Ricky would mostly punch, choke, and work over Famous B with slow offense. Ricky would get the win with a neckbreaker in a quick squash match.

After the match, Ricky crawled to his doll and got on the mic. He said he heard Johnny Mundo and Taya left already, and then admitted to being responsible for Matanza ruining their wedding. After the confession, he challenged Taya to a match at Ultima Lucha Quatro. Ricky then put Brenda in a Crossface on top of Famous B. After letting go of Brenda, Ricky brawled to his doll as the show went to a commercial break.

Pentagon Dark vs. Reklusa

Reklusa would hit a dive onto Pentagon Dark as Pentagon Dark was entering the ring. She would control the match early on for a bit before Pentagon mounted a comeback. He would control the match for a bit after that. The action would spill outside of the ring and go throughout the Ice Temple. Reklusa would mount a comeback later in the match. During her comeback, she would hit a top rope hurricanrana to the outside on Pentagon Dark. Moments later, she would hit a tope suicida into a DDT on Pentagon Dark outside of the ring.

Back inside the ring, the action would go back-and-forth during the finishing stretch of the match with both wrestlers countering each other’s moves. Pentagon Dark would hit a Package Piledriver on the ring apron for a near fall. Reklusa would get up shortly after as Pentagon Dark was arguing with Marty Elias and hit Pentagon Dark with a Canadian Destroyer for a near fall. Pentagon Dark would eventually get the win after hitting a Package Piledriver on Reklusa.

After the match, Pentagon Dark teased breaking the arm of Reklusa. He would go outside of the ring and brought a bag of thumbtacks into the ring. After pouring the tacks in the ring, Pentagon Dark went for a move on Reklusa before Marty The Moth made the save with a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire. After getting the upper hand, Reklusa brought poured gasoline on Pentagon Dark. Marty The Moth would tease setting him on fire before the show came to an end.

Final Thoughts

The only part of this episode that sucked was the Ricky Mundo segment. He’s not a good character, and his matches suck. Everything else on this episode was pretty solid. The build up for Ultima Lucha Quatro has been pretty good so far. Overall this was a good episode of Lucha Underground. After a rough start to the season, things are starting to gel.

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