RISE – ASCENT, Episode 4 – review

We are back with a look at the penultimate episode of RISE’s buildup to next week’s event in South Gate. This week’s episode is highlighted by Mercedes Martinez versus Deonna Purrazzo.

Gregg: As I sit down to watch Lucha Underground and My 600 lb. Life, it’s time to review the latest episode of Rise Ascent.

Steve: I can just picture you watching them both at the same time with dual screens or maybe some picture-in-picture action. I can honestly say I’ve never watched My 600 lb. Life and I never will.

Gregg: The show starts off with a dueling heads promo with Mercedes Martinez and Deonna Purrazzo hyping their main event match-up. I’m really enjoying these, too. I’m hoping that eventually we get one where they do a side-by-side and say the same thing at the end.

Steve: I know it is only the fourth episode, but so far RISE has done a good job of building hype for the main events of each show right off the bat. It’s such a simple concept to get people invested in the show, but insanely there are some television wrestling products that often do a poor job of doing it.

Match #1 – Kikyo vs. Tasha Steelz

Gregg: Kikyo with a good zing… “Tell your dad I said hi.” Sienna and Lexi Fyfe continue to do a good job playing up the fact that Kikyo WOULD be Phoenix of Rise champion if Delilah Doom hadn’t been cleared to compete at the last second and how she’s got a chip on her shoulder and something to prove because of it. Kikyo with the pin via Michinoku Driver. And she lets it be known she’s coming for the belt.

Steve: I’m not sure that was actually a zing. Kikyo may have actually known the audience member’s dad. Man Gregg, always thinking the worst of people. This was pretty much just a squash with kikyo going over strong.

Killer Death Machines Promo

Gregg: Great promo from the two of them to continue planting the seeds of dissension that Shotzi Blackheart and Delilah Doom aren’t really friends but the Killer Death Machines are. Next week’s main event is gonna be the Killer Death Machines versus Shotzi and Delilah.

Steve: I know it sounds like a broken record at this point, but the promos in RISE have all been top notch and really help build the angles.

Match #2 – Karen Q (with Ray Lyn) vs. Gabby Gilbert

Gregg: Bones of Contention continue to be an entertaining watch. Joshua Shibata is also VERY high on them (don’t forget to book him, folks.) Both Karen Q and Ray Lyn really bring something out of each other that raises them both up to the next level. Ray with a very entertaining proclamation that “I would have beat her by now” to really fire up her tag partner. Karen Q gets the win via Spring Roll and the Bones declare that they will win the Guardians of Rise. This brings out Paradise Lost who scare off the Bones of Contention.

Steve: The interaction between Ray Lyn and Karen Q is my current favorite thing in wrestling.

Katie Arquette Promo

Gregg: I swear, Katie Arquette needs to come to SoCal. She cuts a very entertaining promo on Nicole Savoy and not-so-subtly namedrops her famous uncle and CWFH competitor, David Arquette. I really feel that if she ever comes out to SoCal, her famous uncle would give her the rub. I’d also like to see Valentina Loca out here, too. But only because I think her gimmick fits perfectly, especially in South Gate.

Steve: I’m pretty sure that is a fake microphone Alicia Atout is holding. This promo was pretty entertaining but Alicia’s facial expressions really sold it for me.

Match #3 – Mercedes Martinez vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Gregg: This was the matchup of one the current faces of women’s professional wrestling versus the future. Deonna kept trying to attack Mercedes’ arm, no doubt trying to set up for the Fujiwara Armbar. Mercedes just kept systematically attempted to destroy Deonna. Mercedes eeks out the victory by using veteran cunning to roll up Deonna and hold the rope.

Steve: I thought this was really good, and easily the best match on the show. Mercedes Martinez has been so good for so long. I think the first time I saw her was a time limit draw with Sara Del Rey on one of the early Shimmer shows and remember thinking how good she was then. Deonna Purrazo aint no slouch either. This was a really fun match. I think Tessa Blanchard versus Britt Baker has been the best match on the series so far, but I would put this second.

Shotzi and Delilah promo

Gregg: Shotzi and Delilah are prepared to take on the Killer Death Machines next week. But Shotzi lets it be known that she plans on coming for her Phoenix of Rise title. Delilah makes Shotzi an honorary Doomie.

Steve: I haven’t read spoilers, but I hope they stay friends.

Final Thoughts

Gregg: Book Joshua Shibata…Rest In Power, Dario Cueto (pours out a Modelo), and visit www.whiteoakaa.org.

Steve: The first two matches were fairly one sided, but did the job they were meant to do. The main event was a lot of fun and the promos were all top-notch as normal. So far RISE is four-for-four on these shows with one more episode to build towards next week’s RISE 8 in South Gate.