RISE – ASCENT, Episode 3 – review

We are back with a look at the third episode of RISE – Ascent as the buildup towards RISE 8 on June 29 in South Gate continues. This week’s episode features a main event of Jessicka Havok versus Phoenix of RISE Champion Delilah Doom.

Gregg: Here we go with episode 3 of RISE.

Steve: I’m really looking forward to Doom versus Havok this week.

Match #1 – Katie Arquette vs. Jinx

Gregg: I hadn’t heard of Katie Arquette before, but when I heard her announced as the “Queen of the Silver Screen” I was in. Her entire gimmick of being a Hollywood star includes a clapboard, a relation to former WCW Champion, David Arquette, and a co-star, Kelvin Couture. I also hadn’t heard of Jinx before, but I felt a kinship to her, as I also like to refer to myself as “bloody adorable.”

Steve: I’m in the same boat; I wasn’t familiar with either wrestler. I thought Jinx had more energy and natural charisma, but Katie Arquette had a well developed persona. I got a kick out of her mention David Arquette in her lineage as a former WCW champion.

Gregg: Katie Arquette wins with a spear. Both wrestlers have less than 2 years’ experience and it kinda showed. But I thought that they both showed tremendous potential and showed what kind of growth is possible with the RISE seminars. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jinx form a partnership with someone like Shotzi and Katie Arquette I feel could make a splash out here in SoCal. After a braggadocios promo, out comes Shimmer Champion, Nicole Savoy, who took offense to Katie’s claim that no one in the back could beat her. Nicole laid out Katie with a vicious headbutt.

Steve: Nicole Savoy was likely upset that she was interrupted from watching the Elder Scrolls VI trailer for the 27th time. C’mon Savoy, this isn’t Tamriel, you can’t just headbutt people whenever you want.

Paradise Lost Promo

Gregg: Rosemary, Raven’s Ash, and Dust discuss Fight For Evers and Bones of Contention’s chances of beating them in the Guardians of Rise. I’m really glad for Rosemary. As much as I enjoyed her FORMER incarnation, Rosemary continues to be captivating to watch when she speaks.

Steve: While I’ve enjoyed most of the matches so far each week, the promos and video packages have really been the standout part of each episode. They have all been well done and have added a dimension that you don’t see at the live shows. This promo was no different.

Match #2 – Honeybadger vs. Miranda Alize

Gregg: I’d heard of Honeybadger from Joshua Shibata (book him), but this was my first time seeing her in the ring. Miranda, on the other hand, I’d seen on her tour of Stardom, where she kinda won me over with her confidence and charisma in the ring. I applaud Honeybadger’s commitment to her gimmick (and the commentary team’s debate and pun-ny work based on it.)

Steve: Joshua Shibata has never informed me of Honeybadger. What’s up Josh? I’m not worthy of being told about Honeybadger? Anyway, the commentary was really my favorite part of this match, though I thought Miranda and Honeybadger gave fine performances.

Gregg: Miranda picks up the win with a swinging neckbreaker/Paralyzer combination. I could see Honeybadger and Kikyo forming a pretty formidable team.

Delilah Doom promo

Gregg: Delilah talks up her match with Jessicka Havok, as well her upcoming match with Shotzi Blackheart. She also defends Shotzi as her friend, despite The Killer Death Machines claims otherwise.

Match #3 – Delilah Doom vs. Jessicka Havok

Gregg: This match played out a lot like most Delilah matches where she faces a bigger opponent. But the David vs. Goliath story is something she excels in and she does a great job of keeping you invested. On top of that, she had to contend with Neveah’s presence at ringside. Shoutout to Sienna for selling Delilah’s choking “like she was actually going to throw up” and “Havok don’t play dat!” I laughed.

Steve: Delilah Doom doesn’t use Warrior as her entrance music in RISE? That is criminal. I agree with you, Gregg. Doom has so much charisma and is so likeable that the David versus Goliath match really plays to her strengths.

Gregg: Delilah picks up the win after rolling up Havok following an attempted chokeslam. The Killer Death Machines beat down Delilah, prompting Shotzi to come down and save her friend, chair in hand.

Final Thoughts

Gregg: Another great show from Rise. The show continues to be well paced and the fans seem to remain invested and hot for the matches. Can’t wait to see what comes out of the next set of tapings and the South Gate show in a few weeks.

Steve: RISE is three for three on these shows so far. The matches have all generally been good and the extras such as promos and video packages have done a great job of advancing the stories and adding a layer to the characters.

RISE – ASCENT can be viewed at https://www.riseascent.com, and a subscription costs $4.99 a month.