MPW – 04 May 2018 – Quick Results

Daniel Moon was stripped of the MPW Heavyweight title at MPW’s May 4 show in Moorpark. The main event of the show saw Daniel Moon defeat Ray Rosas. Click for full results.

Millennium Pro Wrestling
May 4, 2018
Millennium Wrestling Academy
Moorpark, CA

Before the show Ray Rosas presented a photo to show that he never lost the MPW Heavyweight title. MPW’s owner, Triple X, stripped Daniel Moon of the title and announced a five-man gauntlet match for next week for the vacant title.

MPW Championship Gauntlet Qualifying Match
Charlie Mercer over Max X.

Auntie Hydie over Great Zumba.

Jimi Mayhem over Bulletproof.

Dr. Phil Goode vs. B-Minus went to a no-contest.

MPW Championship Gauntlet Qualifying Match
Malkor over Brendan Divine.

MPW Championship Gauntlet Qualifying Match
Danniy Divine over Master Flmae. Divine also succesfully defended the MPW National title.

Daniel Moon over Ray Rosas.
-Ray Rosas will be entrant #1 in the gauntlet match.

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