PWG Announces it is Leaving Reseda and Final Three Dates at the American Legion

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla announced earlier today that they will be leaving American Legion #308 in Reseda and holding three final shows there. The dates for the final three PWG shows in Reseda are April 20, 21, and May 25. While this comes after PWG’s debut at The Globe in Los Angeles on March 23, it was never the promotion’s intention to permanently leave Reseda. This changed when they were told they would be unable to book any shows at the venue after June 1, as the building has been sold and will no longer be an American Legion. It is believed the building, which opened in 1962, will be torn down to make way for new development.

The property the American Legion is on was first listed for sale in February with a listing price of $1,999,000. It is not yet known what the final sale price was, or what the future use of the property will be. The original cost to build the venue was $200,000 in 1961.

The American Legion first held pro-wrestling events in the late 1990s with Freddy Valentine’s All Star Championship Wrestling. ACW’s run at the venue saw an assortment of crazy gimmick matches including electrified fences, exploding barb wire, plugged in light bulbs, Terry Funk, the championship being put in a box full of rattlesnakes, and an alligator death match.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla held their first show at the American Legion in Reseda on September 1, 2006 for the second Battle of Los Angeles tournament. Starting in January 2009, the American Legion became the sole home for PWG (aside from two co-promoted Wrestle Reunion shows in 2010 and 2011) until last week. To date PWG has held 105 of their 191 events at the venue.

No venue has been announced for any shows after May 25, 2018 but the promotion was happy with The Globe Theater and it is likely that will be used again if available. There is the possibility other venues may be explored as well.

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