Ground Zero – 23 December 2017 – Results

Ground Zero Phase 1

Tyler Bateman defeated Dicky Mayer in the main event of Ground Zero’s debut show in Imperial Beach on December 23rd. Click for full results.

Ground Zero
Phase 1
December 23, 2017
Imperial Beach Sports Complex
Imperial Beach, CA

Vegan Superman Jacob Diez, Donnie Suarez, & Biagio Crescenzo over Rocketboy D’Marco Wilson, KC Douglas, & Michael Hopkins via low blow from Diez onto Wilson.  [13’27]

Corey Jackson over SoCal Crazy. [15’02]

True Grit (Jesse James & Hoss Hogg) over Aerial Instinct (Jake Atlas & Lucas Riley) via lariat on Riley by Hoss Hogg. [8’17]

H.A.T.E  (Ray Rosas & Tito Escondido) over Delilah Doom & Terex via Fade to Black on Doom by Escondido. [15’24]

Alonzo Alvarez over Matt Vandagriff by submission. [11’46]

“Uptown” Andy Brown over Eli Everfly via package piledriver. [17’57]

B-Boy over Famous B via chickenwing piledriver. [10’28]

Tyler Bateman over Dicky Mayer via Death from Above. [19’27]

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