FIST Combat October 13th, 2017 – review

This weekend in the San Diego area there was scheduled three straight nights of wrestling events from three different promotions. On Friday October 13th FIST Combat presented a murder mystery wrestling show at the Kensington Club in San Diego. With it being Friday the 13th and Halloween this month, the main event was scheduled to be Ruby Raze as Freddy Kreuger versus Jason from the Friday the 13th films. The wrestler portraying Jason was not announced in advance.

For those not familiar with FIST Combat, their shows are definitely more adult than almost anything else in the area. They don’t have the burlesque that Lucha VaVoom has, but there is always a lot of lewd humor, drug references, and usually a hardcore match. The Kensington Club, which is the second oldest active venue in SoCal behind the Mayan, is a smallish bar and while there are some seats it is mostly standing room only.

Jules Winfield (Michael Hopkins) over Marcellus Wallace (Sean Black) [6’47]

This match made no sense within the continuity of the film Pulp Fiction. Winfield came out with a cup of soda with a straw and a Big Kahuna Burger. Marcellus Wallace came out carrying a box of donuts like when he was crossing the street and was hit by Bruce Willis in the car. Before the match could start they were interrupted by Law and Order which lead to a “fuck the police” and a “black lives matter” chant from the crowd. Law and Order said that they met the profile of criminal murderers or something. Eventually they were attacked and driven out of the area and the match began. This was actually pretty entertaining. Sean Black made a really good Marcellus Wallace and stayed in character throughout the match. Black used a lot of power offense, and Hopkins counter acted with a lot of flashiness. Hopkins hit sort of a corkscrew DDT to get the win. This was fun.

Donnie Suarez over Eli Everfly, Biagio Crescenzo, Guy Cool, and Koto Hiro in an elimination match [20’37]

This was a really fast paced spot fest that was a lot of fun. A lot of the match would consist of two guys going at it in the ring, while the others would be down or outside of the ring, but that allowed them to just have pure action for 20 straight minutes with no down periods. Eli took a ton of punishment in the match, including taking a Singapore cane shot to the side of the head, several chair shots, and being suplexed from the top rope through a chair. Guy Cool and Koto Hiro had some good sequences with each other when they were matched up. Suarez and Biagio worked as a team throughout. Suarez looked really good in it. I’ve mentioned it before but he is really underrated in the area. At one point Guy Cool asked in the match “Isn’t this a murder mystery show? Where’s the murder?” Then the lights went out and when they came on Guy Cool had a cleaver in his head and blood all over. He was carried from the ring and the match continued. Koto Hiro was eliminated next by Biago, then Biago by Eli Everfly, and finally Suarez got the pin on Eli. This was a really fun non-stop action packed match.

Vegan Superman had come out with his LOVE stable and helped beatdown Eli after the match. Donnie Suarez and Biagio Crescenzo joined LOVE. This lead to Funnybone coming out and into the next match.

Vegan Superman Jacob Diez over Funnybone to retain the Get FISTed TV title [9’20]

I actually wasn’t able to see about half of this match as more people had made their way into the venue  in my view was obstructed for most of it. When they were on the left side of the ring it looked good though. The Vegan Superman gimmick gets a ton of heat. Diez’ valet, Lois Grain, has been showing a lot of noticeable improvement as well. A few months ago at times she seemed out of place and her interactions came at bad times where she actually distracted from the match and didn’t add to it, but she has gotten a lot better at that and is getting a lot of heat without taking away from the match. Diez hit a low blow and rolled up Funnybone for the win, at least that’s what it looked like with my head cranked to look into the space between someone’s arm and their body.

Dirty Ron McDonald over Officer Chip Law (Aaron Garvey) [9’23]

Before the match Dirty Ron came out for an announcement. He played it up like he was going to announce that he was retiring, but instead announced he was adding a manager, his dog McNugget. This brought out Law and Order. The lights went out and Order had been murdered. It looked like he had a Freddy Kreuger finger in his neck. This match had some brawling, which moved the crowd a bit and allowed me to have an unobstructed view again. This was pretty much a hardcore match. Thumbtacks were brought out, tables and chairs were used. Dirty Ron was bleeding all over the place. Dirty Ron took a suplex into the thumbtacks, and it looked like his suspenders were tacked onto his body. Officer Law was pushing thumbtacks into Ron’s face as well. Officer Law went through a table and he also took a fall into the thumbtacks. The finish saw McNugget dive onto Officer Law followed by Dirty Ron with an elbow to get the pin.

True Grit (Hoss Hogg & Jesse James) over Brody King & Tyler Bateman [8’50]

There was an intermission before this match, and this was the first appearance of the super drunk fan. While the ring announcer was announcing this match, this fan kept yelling “show your clam” at her. Classy. Also who uses “clam” in 2017? He also said some other stuff that was quite hilarious in a laughing at him sort of way. He didn’t like True Grit or Brody King and Tyler Bateman and was just yelling stuff the whole time. This was a fun hard hitting match, though it seemed like the ending came somewhat abruptly. True Grit his dual lariats for the win. After the match they were trying to say something in the ring, but the super drunk fan kept yelling stuff which caused Brody to go after him. Brody said something along the lines of “I’ll put you in a body bag” and the drunk fan said “I’ll just escape.” After Brody and Batemen were back in the ring, they pretended to shake True Grit’s hands then attacked them. Hopefully this feud continues as I imagine they could have some really good matches.

The lights went out and Bateman and Brody were gone and Ruby Raze as Freddy Kreuger was in the ring with True Grit. It was revealed they had been the murderers. Out came Jason and it was B-Boy.

Jason (B-Boy) over Razey Kreuger (Ruby Raze) [11’30]

By this match super drunk fan had moved on to trying to get to the ring for some reason, causing security to work overtime keeping him away. He would actually get removed later in the match, making him maybe the first person ever kicked out of a FIST show. The match itself was really good. There were lots of hard strikes in it from both parties. After the show both and some pretty good welts on them. Raze got B-Boy in a sleeper hold, and the ref lifted his arm twice and it dropped both times, but before he could lift it a third time Raze let go. Since she was Freddy and B-Boy was now asleep she was able to control him through his dreams. She was able to get him to powerbomb himself. B-Boy recovered however, he won the match by snapping Raze’s neck and killing her. She managed to recover after though. This was entertaining.

Overall this was another pretty fun show from FIST. The shows are always a pretty wild time and an adventure, because you never know what you are going to get. From crazy non-stop spotfests, to guns being used in I-Quit matches. If you are looking for something that is unique in the area, FIST is certainly worth checking out.

Their next show is on October 27th for their Los Angeles debut.

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